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Agile Project Management

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Before we get into project management, we need to define what exactly a “project” is. Sure, you’ve probably been assigned countless “projects” in school or on the job, but what is the actual definition?

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10x Agile - Technical Debt in a non IT environment

3 min What is Technical Debt? Technical debt: it appears during an incremental cycle, during building a product or a service to bring value to the customer at the requested time or earlier. It could alter the outcome of the increment, and the team is managing the debt. You can find more definitions about ceremonies in SCRUM […]

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Agile team- 3 recipes of a new chemistry

3 min What is an Agile team? An agile team is a group of people that have an agile mindset. But what is really a great agile team? I like all the time to bring into the context this example: If you have a bunch of strawberries and you squeeze them; it means that you have a […]

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The Agile Project Manager role

4 min What do project managers do? In short, the agile project manager are responsible for the planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and completion of projects, while dealing with project management challenges. However, that is just the tip of the project management iceberg. Here are a few of the main project manager responsibilities: Build the plan Project managers […]

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Ignite Agile Project Management with SCRUM

4 min What is Scrum? To talk about agile project management, we should talk about Scrum framework. There are multiple definitions of the SCRUM framework, but my preferred one is this: “SCRUM is an agile framework that helps you fail in 30 days or fewer!” Have you heard about “Fail fast”? This is a better approach for […]

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Project Management - 6 basic challenges

3 min Project Management: top 6 challenges Corporate issues A company will sometimes not properly define the goals or objectives of a business before going into it, which might challenge the agile project management methodology. In the short run it’s ok, but in the long run it could become a problem. A poorly planned project will definitely […]

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Agile Project Management - a new role?

4 min A short history of Project Management discipline. Project management discipline is out here used by many people around the world for many years in different ways depending on the body of knowledge of every person — I’m sure that there are a lot of cases when the practice has been the main reason for achieving […]

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Agile PM - 6 skills for a successful career

3 min What is an Agile PM? The role of an Agile Project Manager is less defined because Agile focuses more on team collaboration and less on hierarchical leadership. The Agile PM is the person who, together with the development team (which is not referring necessarily to the software development team), decides on the sprint duration and […]

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Agile Business Analyst - 6x greater learner

3 min What is an Agile Business Analyst? The role of an Agile Business Analyst is not well defined, but for certain he has an important role in the team. Sometimes, the role is under the hat of Product. Owner, but for sure in big or enterprise projects, it is hard to maintain the requirements under the same hat. […]

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Agile Business Analyst - 3 great skills needed

3 min What is an Agile Business Analyst? The role of an Agile Business Analyst (Agile BA) is not defined in frameworks under the Agile umbrella, but for certain has an important role in the team. Sometimes, the role is under the hat of a Product Owner. With the rising of projects complexity, it is hard to […]

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SCRUM framework - No PM role

3 min Project Manager Job Description Before talking about the Scrum framework we have to look at the Scrum methodology, one can see that there is no Project Manager role in it. No one assumes a position from where it can directly command and control project execution. So, you might tend to say that there is no […]

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Business Analyst vs. Agile Product Owner

2 min Agile Business Analyst A business analyst is a person who is hired by a company to analyse the business of that company and to keep it in check that the business is running smoothly and efficiently. The title may sound like a simple job, but it is one of those jobs where all the aspects […]

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What is an Agile Coach?

2 min What is an Agile Coach? In the present day and age, the passageway criteria that is required so as to end up plainly a fruitful Agile Coach depends a great deal on the odds of thinking of review ways. Moreover, these hopefuls must know how to work an Agile following device. Adjusting the different parts […]

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