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Before we get into project management, we need to define what exactly a “project” is. Sure, you’ve probably been assigned countless “projects” in school or on the job, but what is the actual definition?

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What is great at No Estimates wave?

3 min No Estimates: What does this means? Starting with the beginning, as part of the “scrum.org” webinar “Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer - Martin Hinshelwood - Answering Your Most Pressing Scrum Questions” they asked me several questions. Since not only was I on the spot and live, I thought I should answer each question that was […]

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Agile processes and basic waterfall principles

3 min Agile Processes - Agile Fall Agile-Fall - is a term used in both worlds, software and business. As the name suggest is a combination between Agile and Waterfall (one of the oldest known methodology for writing software) also used in the Agile Product Management or Agile Product Management - startups and enterprises - where agile or […]

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Sprint planning(capacity) - how to speedy it 3x?

4 min Sprint planning: let’s set the context! The team just finished a Sprint with a potentially shippable product. The Sprint Review is running smoothly, don’t forget this ceremony affects the product only like we wrote here. The Sprint Retrospective allows the team to find unique areas of improvement without revolutionizing the world-only regarding the mindset and processes […]

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Sprint Retrospective - 10x awesome learner?

3 min What is an Agile retrospective? Agile or Sprint retrospective is the same... but what is this ceremony? Could it be of any help for the Agile teams? Is it important? Agile Manifesto is describing it like this: “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior […]

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Agile Business Requirements - 3 basic attributes

2 min What are the three main characteristics of Agile Business Requirements? 1. Atomic (Agile Business Requirements) This is the key attribute a requirement must-have. Think to an atom like it is one of the smallest parts of an undivided matter. The requirement should be in its smallest indivisible form, containing the capability requested by the stakeholder […]

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Business agility: 1x effective approach

3 min What is Business Agility? Business agility or agility in organizations refers to distinct qualities that allow them to respond rapidly to changes when these appear, without losing their vision. There are three concepts which are a must for long-term business agility: adaptability flexibility balance But what is the purpose of using these characteristics? To bring great […]

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Agile Testing: efficient approach

3 min What is working software? The Agile testing approach has started from a current need. In our times, in my humble opinion, a working software is a piece of software deliverable that brings your business competitive advantage to your client. Agile software development focuses on creating the working product through early integrations. The documentation provided is ‘Just […]

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The Scrum team: benefits

3 min What is a Scrum Team doing? The SCRUM Master is one of the three roles defined within Scrum Framework, together with Scrum Master (SM) and Product Owner (PO). All the work delivered to the customer is done by The Scrum Team. It comprises a set of individuals (not only developers as you might think at […]

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What is a Scrum Sprint? Is it helpful?

5 min What is a Scrum Sprint? The simple definition is a short time-boxed period for the scrum team to finish the work based on a specific goal. The Agile software development and SCRUM practice is a series of sprints linked to to each other, linearly. At the end of each sprint the product increment grows larger. […]

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What is Daily Scrum? (benefits of a new approach)

4 min What is Daily SCRUM? Before talking about daily scrum, we must say that Scrum is a framework applicable in principle to nearly any type of project, but with a high rate of adoption in agile software development. It is suited for projects where requirements cannot be known (this is what the Agile mindset is all […]

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Product increment in Agile Software Development

3 min What is a potentially shippable product increment? One of the fundamental concepts of Scrum is that the team must deliver a potentially shippable increment of code each sprint. This increment must include complete slices of product features, and it must be Done. Additionally, the increment needs to be integrated with all the increments produced in past […]

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Sprint backlog in Agile Software Development

4 min What is a Sprint Backlog? The Sprint Backlog represents the list of tasks identified by the Scrum Team in order to complete all the work assumed for the current sprint. It represents the work assumed by those items from the Product Backlog on which the team has agreed, during Spring Planning Meeting, to include them […]

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Product Backlog in Agile Software Development

4 min What is a Product Backlog? In the simplest definition, the Scrum Product Backlog is a list of all the things that needs to be done in the project, ordered by their priority, with the most important showing at the top of the list. The list is derived from the project roadmap and its requirements and […]

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Scrum Master in Agile Software Development

3 min What is a Scrum Master? This role is sometimes difficult to understand and implement, especially for organisations with more traditional approaches in organising software development teams. That is because a Scrum Master is NOT a Team Leader OR a Project Manager. The role does not posses the level of authority and responsibilities that come with […]

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Product Owner in Agile Software Development

3 min What is the role of Product Owner? The Product Owner is a key role in Scrum, but many organisations struggle to effectively apply it. As the name suggests, a product owner should own the product; he is responsible for ensuring that the product creates value for its customers and users as well as the company […]

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What is an Agile Burn-Down chart?

3 min What is an Agile Burn-Down Chart? An Agile Burn-Down Chart is a very simple tool used to monitor and show the progress of the current sprint - it is usually used in agile software development, but not necessary. It is exposed in a public location so that any stakeholder can get the information on how […]

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What is Agile mindset?

2 min Agile Mindset: where does it come from? Taking the word of the Agile Manifesto "it is a set of values and principles". This sounds to me like a way to behave and more appropriate, like a mindset. Therefore I think specialists, consultants and other professional persons are mistaken when they refer to it as a […]

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Automation testing - Selenium - 10x efficient

3 min Why use automation testing? Automation testing is an important topic nowadays because creating automated tests for any web application is a challenge for everyone, and it's probably a challenge that you've experienced. Users are testing applications to keep pace with new features while balancing the need for integration and regression tests. The lead times of […]

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