The training shows the use of both frameworks in order to build robust enterprise web applications.


  • This training is designed for developers interested in using Spring with Hibernate.
  • Basic experience in Java development and web development.
  • Knowledge of persistency solutions, be familiar with OOP concepts.


  • Describe the relationships between SQL, Java, Spring, and Hibernate.
  • Write applications that take advantage of the Hibernate Persistence Manager.
  • Create and use mappings between Java classes and relational databases.
  • Explain how identity and keys are handled in Hibernate.
  • Describe the persistent object lifecycle and how that relates to transactions and concurrency.
  • Explain the issues associated with complex frameworks such as J2EE and how Spring addresses those issues.
  • Write applications that take advantage of the Spring container and the declarative nature of assembling simple components into applications.
  • Work with Spring's support for transactions and apply Hibernate.


  • Presentations.
  • Introduction to Hibernate.
  • Getting Started with Hibernate.
  • Basic ORM in Hibernate.
  • Value-Type Collections and Components.
  • Entity Associations (Relations).
  • Mapping Inheritance.
  • Hibernate Annotations.
  • Working with Persistent Objects.
  • Transactions.
  • Querying for Objects.
  • The Spring Framework and IoC.
  • Beans, callbacks and customization.
  • Autowiring.
  • Spring and Persistence.
  • Spring and Hibernate.