Leadership in Product Management is a one-day course for Product Managers who want to become highly-effective and dynamic product leaders. You learn to lead without authority and developing a personal leadership style and action plan. Through a combination of lectures and extensive hands-on exercises they will learn to apply their specific strengths as a leader, and exert more influence in your organization. They’ll learn techniques to more effectively lead without direct authority.


  • Any Product Manager who wants to learn how to lead more effectively
  • Product Management managers, directors and vice presidents who wish to increase their leadership capacity and skills
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  • Understand how leadership can be more effectively applied based on each person’s unique situation, using insights about themselves, their stakeholders and their company’s Product Management system.
  • Learn foundational leadership techniques that can be applied immediately to be more effective.
  • Each attendee will develop a plan to utilize their specific leadership strengths and extend their knowledge and skills to be a better leader, and accelerate their career.


  • The critical importance of Product Management to your company’s success.
  • Leadership defined.
  • Leadership challenges specific to Product Management.
  • Outcome creation from self.
  • Outcome creation from stakeholders.
  • Finding leverage in the system.
  • Finalizing your leadership plan.