• This training course on C++ is a fairly detailed overview of C++ covering right from the intricacies of classes to STL, an overview of meta programming and design with C++.

  • Experienced C++ programmers.
  • This course is for anybody who has programmed in C++ and wishes to enhance their knowledge of the language.
  • Differentiate between global functions, friend function and member functions.
  • Use the C++ Standard Template Library.
  • Write classes and functions with parameterized types.
  • Understand and handle exceptions in C++ programs.
  • Disambiguate data and functions using multiple inheritance.
  • Understand the difference between various kinds of inheritance.
  • Use pointers to class member functions.
  • Understand the C++ mechanism to resolve overloaded functions.
  • OOP in C++
  • Copying and Conversions
  • Scope
  • Delegation
  • Subscripting
  • Template function
  • Template classes
  • Template techniques
  • Iterators and Algorithms
  • Exception handling
  • Memory management
  • Reference counting
  • Inheritance techniques
  • Functional abstraction
  • C++11 language enhancements
  • Multithreading techniques