Advanced Java course provides you with advanced skills for programming in Java language.

This course goes deeper into the data structures, file input and output features, exception handling, object oriented design and analysis, object serialization, database connectivity with JDBC, multi-threaded programming, and networking capabilities of Java.

Upon completion, you will be able to understand, design, and develop complex Java-based applications.

  • This training is designed for developers interested in using Java for their applications.


  • Be familiar with OOP concepts.
  • Be familiar with design patterns (at least at a fundamental level).


  • Use JDK tools to improve the performance of Java applications.
  • Control the development lifecycle.
  • Understand distributed computing, and how to network in Java.
  • Use Java threads and the concurrency API.
  • Understand Dependency Injection framework.
  • Understand how to implement object persistence with Hibernate.


  • JDK Tools.
  • Java objects and collections.
  • Reflection & Classloading.
  • Java Garbage Collection.
  • Building and Testing overview.
  • Using the IO APIs.
  • Distributed IO.
  • Understanding Multithreaded Code.
  • The Concurrency API.
  • Introduction to Spring.
  • Messaging with Spring.
  • Object Persistence with Hibernate.
  • HTTP & RESTful Web Services.
  • Managing & Monitoring.
  • Introduction to Performance Analysis.