This course covers what you need to get started as a Java Web Developer. Servlets, JSP, MVC and Spring are all covered in detail, together with associated web concepts.

  • Those with experience in languages less like Java, such as Visual Basic, ASP and other Web scripting languages, and other pseudo object oriented languages may need more time in the early going, and this course covers its introductory topics in good depth and offers many optional and challenge labs to support this.
  • Have a powerful grasp over OOP concepts.
  • It is recommended that the student be familiar with the basic notions of web applications.


  • Understand the architecture of Java EE applications.
  • Develop web components such as Servlets, JSP pages etc.
  • Work with the persistency layer and integrate it in the web application.
  • Perform unit test.


  • Web development and the Java EE architecture.
  • MVC, Servlets, JSP pages.
  • Taglibs, EL.
  • JavaScript.
  • Ajax.
  • Ajax and JavaScript frameworks.
  • Internationalization.
  • ORM and Hibernate.
  • JMX.
  • Tomcat, JNDI, DataSources.
  • Build Technologies.
  • XML Technologies.
  • Processing XML in Java.
  • Unit testing.