With the growing number of mobile OSs, browsers, and platform combinations, comprehensive mobile web application testing can be a nightmare? But it doesn't have to be! We will demonstrate ways to leverage the open source Selenium (IDE) with cloud services to test mobile web applications across multiple browsers and platforms. You?ll learn how Selenium interacts with web browsers to test actions, inputs, and expected outcomes. Testing course to show how traditional web testing techniques can be transitioned to mobile web applications..

  • Software Test Professionals
  • Software Developers


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  • Understand mobile web page architecture and referencing page elements in test automation.
  • Discover how to leverage Selenium IDE tests using WebDriver for mobile testing.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot mobile test automation scripts.
  • Understand technologies to optimize WebDriver test execution.


  • Understanding Web Page Construction and Automation.
  • Web page architecture and page elements.
  • Referencing web page elements in test automation scripts.
  • Automated validation and verification of web page elements.
  • Build Automated Tests using Selenium IDE.
  • Test recording and playback.
  • Test recording limitations and how to overcome them.
  • Troubleshooting failing or oddly behaving tests.
  • Customizing and optimizing recorded tests.
  • Introduction to Selenium RC.
  • What is Selenium Remote Control?
  • How does Selenium RC interact with web pages?
  • WebDriver (Selenium 2).
  • Advantages and disadvantages of WebDriver implementation.
  • Leveraging Selenium IDE tests using WebDriver.
  • Troubleshooting failing or oddly behaving tests.
  • Customizing and optimizing recorded tests.
  • WebDriver test automation best practices.
  • Execute WebDriver Tests using Selenium Grid.
  • Distributing tests across multiple browsers.
  • Distributing test execution across multiple machines.
  • Mobile Device Emulation in the Cloud using Sauce Labs.
  • Leveraging Selenium IDE and WebDriver tests with Sauce Labs.
  • Troubleshooting failing or oddly behaving tests.
  • Optimizing testing for Sauce Labs.
  • Expanding compatibility testing.