QlikView Designer is a scenario-based course covering the fundamentals required to get started building QlikView applications.

  • Business users
  • Designers
  • Developers


  • Have basic knowledge of using a computer.
  • Be familiar with Relational Database concepts.
  • Have knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Not mandatory, but nice to have experience in a programming language (C, Java, etc).


  • Understanding how Qlikview works.
  • Learn to configure the Qlikview environment.
  • Get familiar with the Qlikview UI objects and their uses.
  • Learn which types of charts to use.
  • Understand Set Analysis.
  • Understand Advanced Aggregation.
  • Learn to create interactive charts using variables.
  • Learn to create reports.


  • Introduction.
  • BI & QlikView intro.
  • Business Case Workshop.
  • Using QlikView Desktop.
  • Sheets and Sheet Objects.
  • The List Box.
  • The Table Box.
  • The Multi Box.
  • Other Important Boxes.
  • Charts.
  • Gauges.
  • Reports and Bookmarks.
  • Multidimensional Charts, Pivot Tables.
  • Advanced Charts, Tables & Objects.
  • Advanced Calculations in Sheet Objects.
  • Buttons and Actions.
  • Other Sheet Objects.
  • Additional Editing in the Layout.
  • Other Uses of Expressions.
  • Reference Materials.
  • Review and Conclusion.