Learn Spring Framework that has impacted Java and the open source community more than any other framework.

In this class, students are exposed to the light-weight Spring container, configuration, foundational API, and general Spring architecture. This course is loaded with practical labs and deals with configuration, maintenance and architectural issues. After taking this class, developers will immediately be able to utilize the Spring Framework in their new or existing applications.

  • This class is designed for Java programmers with a need to understand the basic Spring Framework and API.


  • Be familiar with OOP concepts.
  • Be familiar with design patterns (at least at a fundamental level).
  • Have knowledge of persistency solutions.


  • Explore the Spring Container and Modules.
  • Learn aspect oriented programming and how it is used to provide cross cutting concerns.
  • See how to accomplish data access with JPA modules.
  • Understand how Spring deals with transaction management.
  • Examine Spring's unit testing framework.
  • Understand how to assemble a Web application with Spring controllers, request mappings and view resolvers.
  • Understand Spring Remoting.
  • Understand JMS.
  • Understand Spring Security and Spring WS.
  • Understand Scheduling and Executors.


  • Introduction to Dependency Injection.
  • Characteristics of Java 7, DI in Java 7.
  • New features in Java 7.
  • Introduction to SpringFramework.
  • Bean Lifecycle.
  • Autowiring Beans.
  • Beans, bean scope - Singleton, Prototype.
  • Dependency injection container, setter.
  • XML Configuration VS Annotation-based configuration.
  • Introduction to AOP concepts.
  • Implementing AOP with Spring AOP.
  • AspectJ and Spring AOP proxy based AOP.
  • Data Access with SpringFramework, HSQLDB.
  • Introduction to ORM, JPA, Hibernate.
  • Transactions declarative and programmatic.
  • Spring MVC.
  • Introduction to Spring Web Flow (SWF) basics.
  • Integrating Spring MVC with View Technologies.
  • Introduction to Spring Security.
  • Introduction to Spring WS.
  • Spring Expression Language (SpEL).
  • Spring JMS Integration.
  • Java Concurrency timers, executors, fork/join.
  • Messaging and transactions.
  • Java RMI.
  • Remoting Hessian / Burlap.
  • SpringFramework Remoting.
  • Unit testing with SpringFramework.
  • REST Web Services, Spring and REST.