Using strategic business goals you can learn and then apply techniques that help you in identifying requirements for your projects.


  • Business analysts, product owners, technical leaders and managers who want to learn how to identify features starting from strategic objectives and how to keep them in the center of the development.


  • For best results, you should have at least 1-2 years experience as a business analyst/leadership position.
  • Knowledge of agile principles and practices will help you understand the content better, but are not mandatory.


  • Strategically plan improvements instead of only implementing features.
  • Reduce waste by focusing on the most important changes.
  • Identify assumptions to mitigate development risks Improve the speed of your strategic planning.


  • Agile development and strategic planning.
  • Impact Mapping Basics.
  • What is strategic planning and why it’s important.
  • Building an Impact Map by yourself.
  • Identifying assumptions.
  • Impact Mapping with the strategic planning team.
  • Communicating impact maps.
  • Monitoring the strategic objectives.