• This training focuses on how to achieve a consensus on important test strategy issues such as resource allocation, scheduling, risk prioritization, exit criteria, automation, etc.

  • This course is appropriate for test managers, test leads, potential test leads and managers who are tasked with developing a testing strategy for their organization.
  • There are no specific prerequisites for this training, any software professional can go through this training.
  • Discuss the importance of corporate culture and the economics of test and failure
  • Learn proven test planning methods and techniques
  • Learn how to create a customized Master Test Plan or Level-specific plans
  • Discuss the issues that affect the test strategy
  • Discover a practical risk analysis technique to prioritize your tests
  • Discuss methods for measuring the test effectiveness of your organization
  • Learn how to create a Test Summary Report to effectively communicate recommendations to stakeholders based on the knowledge gained during the test effort
  • Corporate Culture
  • Economics of test and failure
  • What is good enough
  • Test Psychology
  • Raising testing profile
  • Quantitative measures of ROI
  • Qualitative measures of ROI
  • Developer/tester ratio
  • Preventive Testing
  • The Master Test Plan
  • Approach
  • Scheduling
  • Responsibilities
  • Staffing and training
  • Risk Analysis
  • Product risk analysis
  • Project risk analysis
  • Testing Strategies
  • Testing methodology
  • Entrance/exit criteria
  • Test coverage
  • Change management
  • Regression strategy
  • Automation strategy
  • Test environments
  • Metrics
  • Maintaining test documentation
  • Test Summary Report
  • Workshop