Blackbox testing in software quality assurance

Black box testing is one of the world's software testing, where for certain standards, software should be tested in advance to find out the extent to which its quality before it is released. Blackbox testing is testing that focuses on the functional specifications of the software, the tester can define some set of input conditions and perform testing on the specifications of the program.

Before we know the blackbox will more better if we know in advance the characteristics of black box testing, its characteristics are

  1. This testing focuses on functional requirements in software and is based on the specification of the needs of the software itself.
  2. that note again that blackbox testing is not an alternative technique of white box testing. However, it is a complementary approach in engineering includes an error with several different classes of methods of white box testing.
  3. black box testing can be done without knowing in detail the internal structure of the system that will be on the test.

Besides knowing some techniques from the black boxes, a process that is done in this black box testing include

  1. incorrect function, be it input or output. In this case, the testers will be able to figure out the alignment of process inputs and process outputs, whether the process already meets the criteria specified. An example is when doing a software test, suppose there is a piece of software that displays the input form identity, and if users fill out and complete the form then the program will do the process of storage. However, if the user does not do or not filling of form identity then the program should not be to store. If the software works not appropriate then it should be fixed and adjusted.
  2. error interfaces, interface, this often happens on some software not tested properly. For example, the display of a website using a framework and there is some framework that does not support when on the run in some specific browser. So the look of the interface less maximum or not when a user using a browser that doesn't support the framework you use.
  3. error on database access or on data structures, this is usually often become constraints when making a piece of software. Keslahan on access to the database or on the structure of this data will have an impact or affect on websites such as access becomes sluggish.
  4. the behavior or performance of the software error.
  5. initialization and termination of a fault in the software.

When we implement testing balck box, then we will get a case that already meet the test criteria, including the following

  1. by doing a test case, then the number of errors will be reduced by status so as to comply with the Groove program created earlier.
  2. by doing the test case, then this would result from testing or user will know exist or absence of errors associated with several tests.

You can see a real life example of testing the black box by using test cases that is arranged in a table, as follows:


That's the result of testing blackbox, in this case, will see the final results, whether is in compliance with the design of the program or still not happening for compliance. In this test, each test is performed and the testing menu is done not just once, but rather depends on the time the perpetrator that do the testing.  However, in this testing done in ordered based on the circuit to the use of software and in a case testing done randomly.

So, the conclusion in this black box testing is focused on functional software, or focus on the look, it is the same as when the eye sees a black box, it Appears that it is deep.

When did black box testing, then documentation software components that include an examination of documents from thesoftware include:

  • ·  the existence of flow charts that have been created or flow charts of the program being tested
  • ·  a description of the inputs that are used when the software to be tested
  • ·  a description of the output which is used when the software to be tested
  • ·  a description of the resulting output of the software to be tested
  • ·  the suitability of the writing or the writing accuracy
  • ·  control or the control of the system is made.

And several errors that can be detected by this black box testing is an Access database, the end result of the program and documentation correctness.

  • ·  when doing the testing,  does not need to see the code in detail
  • ·  testing can be done on the basis of specifications
  • ·  this test can be used to see or assess the consistency of the program
  • ·  the specification of the program can be specified early in the

Of the advantages offered by this black box testing system, of course, there are still disadvantages when doing black box testing, the drawback is if there is a lack of clarity or too succinct in the creation of the specification program, then this will complicate when will make the documentation as precisely as possible. If it is still less obvious and more detail, it is advised you to follow professional training courses because usually a discussion of black box testing discussion in more detail.

Final Thoughts

  • · When we do blackbox testing that means we have to perform end to end testing externally from front end but not internally such as code base testing.
  • ·  However, every testing there are advantages as well as disadvantages, depending on the test system you choose which.
  • · To sum up, testers perform testing externally in order to fulfill blackbox testing requirements.
  • · Before doing blackbox testing testers perform smoke testing to make sure build is stable for further deep level external testing