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3 Basic attributes of a Business Requirement

What are the characteristics of a Business Requirement?

1. Atomic

This is the main attribute a requirement must have. Think to an atom like it is one of the smallest part of undivided matter. The requirement should be in its smallest indivisible form containing the capability requested by the stakeholder.
If it's the last piece that cannot be divided then you are sure that 'Atomic' attribute is present.

2. Unambiguous

Just prepare for the 'just enough' information but be sure that there is "no pathway to right or left" as I like to call it and in this way every team member or any stakeholder understands what the Product Owner wants to achieve.

3. Testable

There should be tests written by the quality engineers in order to ensure that the system is running having the right parameters at the right value and everyone that come into contact with the requirement understands its purpose and how the system is verified to achieve the goal.

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Bonus: Necessary. Is it really needed?

Are you as a Product Owner sure that is really needed and its efficient to be treated now?

If you ask any stakeholder, every requirement will probably be “necessary”. The best way to verify that requirements are necessary is to 'take the light' (as I like to call it) from real customers and try to understands their 'why'....even if they say that it's necessary still can have an inexplicable 'why'.

Some (final) thoughts shape-1

Whats the downsize of not having a good written requirements?...Simple said..inefficiency...that can translates into losing time/money or even go out of business because of not achieving the settled goals.


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