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What is Agile?

Adrian Sita
28 Jun, 2019
2 m read

Agile Mindset: where does it come from?

Taking the word of the Agile Manifesto "it is a set of values and principles". This sounds to me like a way to behave and more appropriate, like a mindset. Therefore I think specialists, consultants and other professional persons are mistaken when they refer to it as a framework or as an "iterative approach" or others referring exactly to software which I think is deprecated.

Yes, of course it was initiated by a hand of people, to be exactly, 14, known in the software world...and therefore most of the people are making a connection between Agile with Software. So what is it, anyway?

agile mindset

We are (Agile) since the beginning of our lives

Yes, of course, you can say that Agile is equal to sleeping because when we are born most of the time we are sleeping. But actually I'm referring to the moments when we start exploring our world, at some point in our baby live we start walking, falling and then rising, walking and falling again. This means exactly that it's in our nature to succeed without any exterior help...maybe just guidance.

This is agile' me when I was born. But then the education interferes with school, biases the university came and ruin almost everything. Actually, so-called educational institutions' activities are helping us to evolve, but not efficiently like we are when we are babies. And then we start learning to be agile again.

Why do we need to be (Agile) and to implement an Agile mindset?

In our times where everything evolves so fast and we need to cope with the future, which is full of uncertainty. This is where Agile mindset comes into place because it works empirically in that knowledge comes from experience and decisions are based on what is known. The key here is to take a decision for short to maximum medium amount of time.

This is applicable on a personal level as well as in business. Agile (mindset) is a set of beliefs that transform into decisions and then into actions. Being Agile is uncovering new ways to evolve by learning from every experience that we live. Doing Agile it's just the way you are applying a process but not the mindset toward success.

In our digitalization world, doing agile is not enough, you must be agile. The difference between master and student is huge, but not as you might think, the master has failed many more times than the student can imagine. Thus, the Agile mindset is the key.

We can apply the Agile mindset in different industries and disciplines like the agile project management methodology.

Some (final) thoughts

Be agile, fail fast and then move toward success. Look at failure as part of your success. PS: The dinosaurs disappeared because they weren't agile!

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