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Agile HR - new mindset for 2020

Ana Nastase
17 Jan, 2020
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Agile Mindset. Keep this word in mind. 2020 is here.

What do you expect from it?

From my perspective, the only thing that has become a constant throughout the years is change. Everything changes, and at the level of the business environment, change happens at an alarming pace. Alarming for those who cannot keep up with its rhythm. But companies are constantly looking for solutions to face the challenge represented by change.

The Agile mindset involves a big transformation away from the long planning which takes both time and resources and which, on the long run, is not efficient at all. The Agile methodology focuses on action rather than on reporting, on people rather than on processes, aiming at successfully responding to change rather than following a certain plan. Basically, exactly what professionals needs nowadays.

To embrace the vastness of nowadays business requirements, you must face them with openness. And even if you keep this in your mind, you still need to instil it in your team's approach.

You need an organisational culture which functions based on an Agile mindset.

Who in a company is an “agent of change”?

For sure, the HR department!

They need to become an Agile HR department that the company needs it for innovation. Agile for HR bring a novel approach that change the mindset and in this way makes the switch of behaviour controlled by outputs to outcome.

agile hr - new mindset


I have largely used the Agile methodology in the software development field with professionals guiding themselves based on the Agile manifesto. The HR field, unlike the software development one, there is a different manifesto having at the base the same values and principles A HR department become a transformational leader, trying to accomplish several things, such as:

  • a balance between culture and structure;
  • a business environment which promotes skill development and growth;
  • a learner-centred and learner-driven approach;
  • an innovative view upon sourcing and onboarding;
  • a culture driven by intrinsic motivation;
  • performance metrics formed by the capacity to learn fast and to accept failure.

According to this research, an Agile organisation is a living organism, rather than a machine.

An Agile company moves from bureaucracy to flexible resources which allow for a more flexible approach towards tasks and for a higher efficiency in dealing with different professional responsibilities which might seem overwhelming in the absence of these resources.

Agile HR – new mindset for 2020

Benefits of an Agile mindset

As we have already mentioned, implementing the Agile mindset & methodology comes with a series of benefits which would help you achieve your goals easier.

How? First, by establishing empowered teams. To build Agile organisations, leaders must create scalable networks of self-organising teams, who know how to collaborate and operate effectively. We should encourage interaction within these teams so that people can have multiple roles, while focusing on getting the work done and creating meaningful professional relations. So, to sum up, cross-functional teams refer to teams composed of different professional expertise and different levels of the organisation, defining their own way of working to achieve efficiency.

Then, moving forward to the mindset, the Agile mindset requires an understanding of the fact that we work in a changing business environment, so we have to deal with uncertainty and in the context provided by it, we must be quick and productive in trying new approaches which get the tasks done.

The Agile methodology will probably become a lifesaver approach regardless of the business field you're working on. Because even if the industries are many and particular, to a lesser or greater extent the business environment is universal.

Some (final) thoughts

And you need an approach that aligns with this universality. An approach that focuses on the value of people, on the flexibility of resources, on adaptability to change. And, as we've highlighted throughout this article, Agile HR is the one.

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