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Agile Project Manager job description

What is an Agile Project Manager?

The role of Agile Project Manager is less defined because Agile focuses more on team collaboration and less on hierarchical leadership. The Agile PM is the person that, together with the development team (which is not referring necessarily to the software development team), decides on the sprint duration and on the implication of the stakeholders and customer feedback along the way.

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Usually (because these can slightly differ in organisation' culture and the projects/products types), the key characteristics are the following: 

A great facilitator

Empower the team and help them to achieve their great potential by clearing potential roadblocks;

Change management knowledge

Communicate with the stakeholders about how the processes are continuously changing and, more important, why they are changing;

Coach and trainer

Help the entire team to master all the processes and tools in times of rapid change and, at the same time, coach them to obtain the great potential in them;

Critical thinking

Acquire the skill to use logic and reasoning to fully understand a topic from multiple perspectives;

Organisational skills

Get efficiency in terms of how to prioritise tasks that are top priority and let go of all the distracting work that encounters in day by day activities; 

Quickly change priorities

Flexible and adaptable to respond to every change that may encounter in order to bring the client's advantage into the market.

Some (final) thoughts shape-1

The Project Manager role is not defined in any Agile practices, even so is very well spreader because of the team's willing and organisational structure.


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Agile Project Management

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