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Business Analyst vs. Agile Product Owner

Agile Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who is hired by a company to analyse the business of that company and to keep it in check that the business is running smoothly and efficiently. A business analyst may sound like a simple job, but it is one of those jobs where all the aspects of a company must be covered and analysed.

Therefore, a business analyst is more than just an analyst:

  • business architect
  • business systems analyst
  • enterprise analyst
  • management consultant
  • process analyst
  • product manager
  • product owner
  • requirements engineer
  • systems analyst
An Agile business analyst focuses on a series of goal and objectives, such as constant innovation, adaptability to the workflow and the situations that might appear, leadership abilities to provide solutions to business problems. How does it sound to you?

Differences between a Product Owner and a Business Analyst

A Product Owner’s duties, while not completely revolutionary, are generally an amalgamation of multiples roles such as:
  • Business representative
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager

The purpose of bringing these roles into a single role is to provide a level of responsibility or you may call it accountability. Now once you have formulated this role you need to look for the people who may be the best candidates for it. It depends on the candidates whether they have the right potential to develop the skills required or not.

When functioning with a Product Owner as well as an agile Business Analyst, they tend to focus on dealing with the problem from a complete viewpoint. The Product Owner provides the user with the focus while the agile Business Analyst provides with a system focus.

So while the Product Owner is checking out what the user wants and the best way to provide business value, the agile Business Analyst is classifying edge-cases, error conditions, dependencies and impacts to other areas of the system and other systems.

A good agile Business Analyst has a deep understanding of the current functionality of the system and is capable to expect positive and negative impacts to other areas of the organisation.

Some (final) thoughts shape-1

An Agile Business Analyst may challenge the Product Owner or Product Manager to define the situation at the office, the recent problems that are related to the business are focus on how to deal with all these issues at hand.

There is no doubt that an Agile Business Analyst can provide a great deal of value; however, Product Owner exclusively retains the rights to two responsibilities in order to maintain accountability: accepting stories and managing priorities.

Find out more about this Agility which you might successfully involve in your professional experience.

You can find more information regarding the challenges that a Product Owner may face with in the agile project management methodology. 


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