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Challenges in HR - Agile Teams

Teams overview

Traditional HR focuses on individuals along with their specific

  • goals
  • performance
  • needs

Although nowadays many companies are organising their work project by project, their management and talent systems are becoming more team focused and this is a general tendency in the present agile hr environment.

Groups are creating, executing, and revising their goals and tasks at the level of teams, at the present moment, without waiting for a specific event in the future to adapt quickly to new information as it comes in.

Also, they track their own progress, they identify obstacles, assess their leadership, and generate insights about how to improve the company's performance rates, which provides them with an overview on the process, creating space for future business strategies. 

Creative work of business team

Multidirectional feedback

Peer feedback is essential to course corrections and employee development in an agile environment and it is rather an informal process, with the comments generally directed towards the employee, not towards the manager or leader. 

Some executives (old thinking :)) believe that peer feedback should have an impact on performance evaluations, but in an agile environment the feedback is dedicated to peers and it is given at the specific moment when it applies or in agile ceremonies like daily meetings. The future of work involves a whole new perspective on the concepts of feedback, in which employees may choose whether to include or not managers and others in their comments to peers.

Companies sometimes decide on periodic confidential employee surveys and focus groups to discover which issues people wanted to discuss with their managers. HR then processes the received data and they discuss with managers/leaders to inform their conversations with direct reports. 

Complex team dynamics

The manager's role has changed and it has moved away from just managing individuals towards the much more complicated task like

  • promoting productivity
  • healthy team dynamics
  • individual discussions

Some (final) thoughts shape-1

The team is a supremacy in an agile organisation!

In our digitalisation world, just doing agile is not enough, you must be agile.


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