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Articulate Rise: features and downsides

What is Articulate Rise?

It’s a web application that allows designers to create beautiful online courses. You can access it by having an Articulate 360 subscription without the need to download any software on your computer. It can be used on computers, phones and tablets with a seem-less adjustment to the screen size of your device. 



User interface

The user interface is easy and simple to use as there are logical steps that guide you towards the desired build of your content. It has an elegant style and a modern interface. The left-side navigation bar is the perfect tool to monitor the course progress. The template course creation builder has two options : 

  • the first one where you have a pre-built ‘lesson’  
  • the second one where you can customise your ‘lesson’ using ‘blocks’


How easy is it to present what you have created? Relatively easy, as this feature allows you to present on any device, but you will have to keep in mind the audience you are addressing and the devices they might use. For example, if you are creating an online course for students, we would assume that they will use a laptop or tablet in landscape mode. 

Faster course development

Due to its easy user interface, simple course builder and real-time editing ability, when compared with other eLearning authoring tools, it consumes significantly less time to create a course.

Preview function

This function in conjunction with the presentation allows you to ensure that the content will be displayed effectively on the devices used such as: laptops, tablets or mobiles.

Exporting Content

Exporting in Rise is straightforward. You have the following options: LMS, PDF, Web. When choosing LMS you will be able to define the specific eLearning format you want to export. SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, or xAPI.

Tracking learner progression

With these formats you are able to track a learner’s progression using course completion, quiz result, or a Storyline block.The completion criteria is set by the creator which can be answering all the questions at the end of just reaching the end of the course.


  • Customisation
    • While you are able to use a fare amount of features and module options, the web-based platform lacks in customisation. 
  • Version saving
    • Rise does not have the option to return to previous versions. However, it does save your work every few seconds.
  • High cost
    • As of July 2019 the Articulate 360 suite costs 999 dollars for one person/year if you opt for the personal plan but can rise to 1,299 dollars per user on an annual basis if you choose the team plan. The price is quite high compared to its competitors and to make matters more difficult you can only choose an annual subscription.

Some (final) thoughts shape-1

All in all, Articulate Rise is a sleek and easy to use authoring platform which can be employed in a series of activities, such as trainings and employee onboarding. It combines a fast and modern user-interface to allow you to create a beautiful and responsive course.

Future updates will surely bring new features and solve the current downsides which will justify the higher price tag. If you are interested in creating modern eLearning courses, then Rise is worth the try. This tool helps you with what is needed in a great onboarding process.

A useful tool to post the courses created is Knolyx, an elearning app designed for shared knowledge within groups.


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