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10 challenges of being an IT professional

Ana Nastase
6 Oct, 2020
3 m read

The struggles of an IT professional

While careers in information technology are often considered highly sophisticated and lucrative in this day and age, professionals in this field often face numerous challenges across all spectrums of workplace difficulties, and pursuing this field can lead to a rude awakening for this who are uninitiated in the nuances of the workload.  In this article we will go over ten of the most pronounced issues that IT professionals face in their day to day work schedule.

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Actual challenges

#1: Slow Growth

Opportunities for career growth in this field is notoriously slow.  In 2019, as many as two-thirds of IT professionals changed employers in search of better prospects for ascending the ranks in their career path.

Interestingly, salary was found to have little correlation with this decision amongst most of the individuals surveyed, and indeed some even appeared to migrate away from one employer to another despite a decrease in pay.  The prospects for advancing one’s career standing can be harrowing in this field, particularly because of the wide skill gaps present in most IT companies, leading us to our next issue.

#2: Wide Skill Gaps

In recent years, the skill gap between employees in various IT companies has been widening.  Although numerous factors can be held accountable for this fact, the core problem appears to be the lack of training for workers, leading to decreased productivity, decreased budget, and decreased wages.

#3: Workload

The amount of work placed on all employees, regardless of position, is much more demanding on an individual level and creates a very high amount of stress for those unprepared.

#4: Constantly Evolving Technology

This difficulty facing IT professionals may seem counter rational, but given the limited training options available to employees from their employers, keeping up with a dynamic work environment where the tools of the trade are constantly shifting means slow progression in productivity and growth.

#5: Hiring Methods

Many, perhaps most, IT companies defer to degree status of prospective employees rather than individual skill.  While a degree in this field is certainly nothing to scoff at, potential workers with real talent who do not possess these credits are overlooked.

#6: Automation

As technology develops, it’s inevitable that the need to assign certain jobs and tasks to individual workers becomes obsolete when they can be automated by a computer or machine.  The IT department is one such field where automation of workplace duties is increasing at a fast rate, making workers easily outcompeted by machines that don’t need a lunch break, high salary, or compensation.

#7: Long or Odd Work Hours

Even the most sophisticated computers need to be maintained and ensured they are meeting benchmarks.  Additionally, if you’ve ever used any piece of technology, you are no doubt aware of how fickle these devices can be.  As an IT professional, you expect to be working long hours to make sure everything is running smoothly, and to clean up when something crashes.

#8: High Pressure Environment

 IT professionals can expect a lot of work place stress, especially in the aforementioned incidents where things go wrong.

#9: Dependency on Technology

Segueing off the previous point, because technology has been so thoroughly integrated into our everyday lives, IT experts have to indulge in this even more, and be there to deal with frustrated customers can’t use their favorite app to plot out stock growth or organize the corporate coffee bash.

#10: Competition for Positions

Interest in the IT field has been rapidly growing, especially in the last few decades.  More and more people, fresh to the workforce, are becoming interested in the enticing prospects of a career in information technology, thus creating a bottleneck of eager workers all competing for the same position in the office.

These are just a few of the challenges that IT professionals are facing in 2020, and some of them only become more pronounced as time goes on.  Despite this, there is definitely money to be made and many opportunities to be found, and as these problems grow, the demand for professionals expands along with it, making this a profession that will never be obsolete.

Some (final) thoughts

Being an IT professional is challenging, but it is also rewarding. You are in the center of digitalisation, you witness the evolution of technology, one the one hand and you have to adapt, on the other hand. But there are so many courses and opportunities to make this easier.

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