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_ The 6 Most Important IT Skills For 2020


IT skills: a necessity

Every year brings its own set of challenges and developments to the IT industry. Since it is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world, staying up to date with the newest developments is vital for survival. Experts predict that the future of IT to be mostly AI and cloud driven, with a huge focus on the development of new and improved security to accompany the increased amount of data stored on the cloud.

With this in mind, if you are not already focused on getting to grips with the developments in these three areas, then the following 6 skills are what you should be concentrating on acquiring to survive the IT evolution.

IT skills

Emerging IT technologies

1. IoT

The Internet of Things is an emerging technology that has not yet reached its full potential. In fact, some speculate that IoT is the most important development of the 21st century (Source). In short, IoT encompasses a network of devices that can include phones, desktops, home appliances and even cars, that can be used in conjunction with electronics, sensors, software and internet connectivity to facilitate and improve data collection and exchange. The huge effect this has had on performance and effectivity is what has placed IoT at the tip of our list of mush have skills for 2020.

2. Cybersecurity

Although I mentioned this briefly in the intro, Cybersecurity is a whole new skill set on its own. With the advances in data collection and cloud storage, and even the addition of AI to many systems, securing the huge amounts of data that flows over the web at any time is vital. Without it, cloud based technology has no place. This is why many large businesses currently opt to run a hybrid data storage system based on cloud and local servers.

3. Blockchain

“Blockchain technology is most simply defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset” (Source). It is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and aims to decentralize data in order to allow multiple real time access to different editors – similar to lots of people working together on a Google Doc. Although the tech is immensely valuable, it is still in its toddler phase, and most the industry lacks properly trained personnel. Due to this there is a great demand for blockchain training at the moment.

4. Virtualization

Virtualization is exactly what the name implies – creating a virtual version of a computer system, running multiple operating systems on one computer system. The benefits of virtualization is twofold. First, for desktop users and servers – running two or more operating systems allow for the use of a diverse array of programs that one OS cannot cater for. Secondly, it has the added benefit of subdividing a system that allows for more efficient use and operation protection.

5. AI and Machine learning

Although I believe the true potential of AI has not yet been achieved, it is already a very valuable part of modern IT. The future only holds more AI capabilities and mastering this competitive field is sure to guarantee you a good career. Mostly it is used for large scale, or big data gathering and processing that would not be possible by traditional methods. This alone infers huge analyses and predictive advantages to companies. Additionally, both AI and machine learning are endlessly useful for endpoint security and safeguarding data and devices connected to the corporate network, especially for companies that deal with a lot of remote workers and freelancers.

6. Cloud based development

Although cloud based software development is a seriously lagging field compared to the fast growth of cloud tech itself. It is therefore in high demand, and this demand will most likely increase in the near future. According to Website Host Reviews, Cloud based development mainly refers to the creation and use of cloud apps – a type of highly evolved web app. These apps can usually be designed in a very short period of time compared to traditional programs, and all data are cloud based with offline cached abilities. Essentially, it is the transfer of the whole app development platform to the cloud, which is where most businesses are heading.

Some (final) thoughts

Keep in mind

Keeping up with the evolution of technology is mandatory nowadays, and the training and development sector makes the change when it comes to this. Check out our courses and let us know what technology you want to implement among your employees.

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