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Agile Learning in powerful HR teams (2020)

Adrian Sita
16 Oct, 2019
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What is Agile Learning?

Agile learning should be the fresh approach of learning and development departments in most of the companies where the traditional approach is to make an auction and buy an online platform, to make sure that the employees have a context to gain information.

But every company should keep in mind that they should center the learning process around specific job responsibilities and skills.

Because even if the need for learning is universal, the pieces of knowledge delivered to people should be specific, according to their particular needs for development - at the current level discuss in agile hr departments having specific learning and development specialists that understands and more important support employees needs.

The employees do not have the same experience, expertise, knowledge and learning and development style, so why we use the same way for delivering information to them? Specific needs, as we have said, call for specific methods and approaches in the agile hr departments and specifically in the learning and development departments to be more precise.

learning and development

To be process

The L&D departments need to change the speed of delivery to bring more skills in organisation.

The learning and development departments need to reevaluate the way they are bringing knowledge and skills in organisations, adding a range of features to their learning approach, such:

These are some basic concepts for a company to sustain the business agility and to align to the future of work!

Another fundamental aspect is employee engagement which comes from empowering employees to develop according to a direction they choose and to a specific pace they set.

Therefore, mobile learning should be in place: to have the right content at the right time to support their growth.

Learning and development as a foundation

Learning is the foundation of innovation. Without learning, a company will not innovate. And what happens with companies that do not innovate? Eventually that company will die. So, it is very important for companies to have a learning' culture.

Some (final) thoughts

In our digitalisation world, just doing agile is not enough, you must be agile. The leadership must support the agile hr teams and learning and developments to bring the right tools and information for their workforce at the right time with the right level. Our preferred tool in learning is Knolyx. 

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