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Create a learning culture to boost the learning process

Adrian Sita
3 Aug, 2020
3 m read

Customization for an efficient learning culture

One of the hardest aspects of any training program is often getting the buy-in from employees. At Brain Concert you will find a wide range of learning paths and individual courses that can be tailored to your specific requirements. By exposing your team to organisational frameworks such as Agile, you will effectively optimise and bolster the learning culture in your company.

Team members need to be able to communicate effectively and through shared up-skilling, desired synchronisation can be achieved. Brain Concert caters for specific needs. Learning paths and courses can be customised to suit your team requirements, leading to an efficient learning culture. This tailor-made methodology of learning gives people more incentive to learn and develop. At Brain Concert we will begin by discussing your needs and your vision. Spread the knowledge through eContent and invigorate the learning process for your team members.

learning culture

eContent classes

Read through a few examples of the eContent covered by Brain Concert and see for yourself how it can help to create the right learning culture and environment:

Train the Trainer - Giving your administrators the tools they need to succeed and deliver excellent training and learning programs. It does not help if someone has all the information but is unable to share it with others.

The Power of Positive Thinking And Attitude training - Educate people on how positive thinking can reshape your lives and your business. Highly interactive and practical programs could change the way you operate.

Mastering Team Leadership Skills - There is a certain trick to teamwork leadership and through this course you will learn how to get the most out of the teams you work with. Get people together and working productively as a unit!

Effective Sales - One of the most vital components of any business, is the sales team. This course is specifically designed to test them to their limits and sharpen their operating procedures. They will be coached in successful business practices and behaviors and will learn how to satisfy their clients.

Problem solving skills - This course will focus on the process of solving problems and supply the learner with steps and methods to use when faced with a difficult problem. This skill is vital in the modern world as so many problems can arise with so few solutions in such a short space of time that often things can fall apart very quickly. Creative problem solving could save your business or project.

Improve the learning culture

The eContent offered by Brain Concert is at your fingertips. It will go a long way to creating a more positive, efficient environment where members of your team(s) feel satisfied and stimulated. Below are a few tips on how to further improve the learning culture in your workplace.

Set clear goals and objectives for your learning culture

  • By making it clear what you want to achieve you will give your team members something to work towards and thus making the learning process more valuable.
  • Team members can track their progress; they may even get competitive

Encourage Creativity

  • By encouraging interesting and creative solutions to problems you are showing that you have confidence in your team.
  • They will be motivated to learn more in order to discover new material and solutions.

Stay updated and connected

  • By staying connected with your team you will be indicating that you care about their progress and their journey.
  • You will be able to assist them, building the relationship.
  • Encourage them to work together as well, this will bode well for their developing team-work which will be necessary for future projects.

Positive Affirmation

  • When a team member achieves your goals, it goes a long way to give a little praise or commendation.
  • This encourages them to keep learning and evolving and thus creative a cycle of positive productivity.

Give guidance

  • There may come a time when a member needs your assistance, you should be ready to support them as this bolsters the inclusivity of your network.
  • New content might need a little explanation and instruction.

By utilising the tips and tricks found in this article and by connecting with Brain Concert, you will take the first step towards a more effective working environment that encourages a learning culture.

Some (final) thoughts

Your team members will feel more effective and will have a practical learning experience. This should result in increased levels of customer satisfaction.

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