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How do you find the right learning path?

Adrian Sita
6 Aug, 2020
3 m read

Why should you find the right learning path?

Finding the right Learning Path is essential for the development of your team. At Brain Center you will find a wide variety of tailored learning that is easy to navigate and could be vital for upskilling your members. A Learning Path is the collection of different courses that allows the student to study multiple subjects at the same time. This is time and cost-effective and with Brain Concert, you should be able to find exactly what you need.

To understand the possible benefits of Brain Concert courses we need to understand how Learning Paths can improve the training of your team members. Learning Paths are typically created to structure training courses and give you the administrator more time to focus on more pressing matters. Once a learner completes a course, they move on to the next chosen subject as determined by the Learning Path.

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Customized your training approach

Brain Concert automated Learning Paths will cut down your administration time and they can be customized to your specific needs. By following a Learning Path your trainee will feel that they are working towards a final objective or goal. A few examples of Learning Paths available at Brain Concert:

Ignite JavaScript Development:

Trainees will build and deploy microservices with Seneca. Use WebRTC APIs and the WebSocket protocol. With hard work they can become an expert at Bacon.js therefore significantly improving their functional reactive programming. Trainees will understand advanced functional programming, have hands-on, working knowledge of Bootstrap 4 and be able to build an example application UI with React and Flux.

It is advised that all team members taking this course should have an intimate knowledge of object-based or object-oriented programming. An understanding of JavaScript syntax is also required.

Python for Testers:

Practical knowledge is of utmost importance. Simplicity is also key, trainees will be able to build powerful tools using Python and through practical application, gain significant insight into the language.

Explore examples taken from real situations covering topics such as generating test data, monitoring system under test, compressing and sending test data. Gain a solid understanding of the Python for testers language, its philosophy, and the code syntax. Get a broad introduction to the vast standard library that Python comes installed with.

What is Pythonic code, good practices and common pitfalls to avoid. Learn how to install 3rd party Python libraries to extend the power of the language. Understand how to control external processes. Get started with performance measurements. Learn how transfer results to remote computers.

All of these skills will be vital to anyone looking to learn the intricacies of Python. It will teach them to be creative when looking for solutions and gain confidence when navigating Python.

Oracle SQL Performance Tuning:

Learn how to apply tuning techniques to your SQL code. Trainees will become proficient at using Oracle SQL Tuning. This is useful for Data Warehouse Developers, Application Developers and Support Engineers.

Learn how to modify an Oracle SQL statement to perform at its best. Identify poorly performing SQL. Trace an application through its different levels of the application architecture. Understand how the Query Optimizer makes decisions about how to access data. Define how optimizer statistics affect the performance of SQL. List the possible methods of accessing data, including different join methods.

These are just a few of the courses available at Brain Concert. Testimonials have shown high ratings of satisfaction and success from a number of different team managers and admin directors.

Learning Paths benefit the individual, the team manager and administrators. As an individual team member, you will be gaining knowledge, improving your ability to adapt and growing your skills base. With Learning Paths, a team manager is easily able to assign and regulate which member is on which path. You are in control of what is covered and in control of when it is covered.

Brain Concert also offers training in Agile which is a set of principles of effecting working values and habits. Some common Learning Paths that are taken with Agile are Scrum, Kanban and Lean. Combined, these frameworks will offer the trainee a wide range of skills and concepts that will be applicable to their experience in the field. These courses work together to get the most out of your trainees in a cost and time effective manner. Brain Concert Learning Paths will guide you through your journey to a greater and more practical knowledge base.

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