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Product Management

Product Management Lessons

Lesson #1: Are you taking success in consideration? If not, you should!

Usually PMs are prepared for the worst and they do not take into consideration what if (which by the way may be a very good question) success will come. We're always prepared for the worst, bu are we actually prepared for success?

Lesson #2: Strong opinions, loosely held

“You can’t be successful as a PM without having a very strong opinion.”
I totally agree with this but before creating this strong opinion - challenge everything!

Lesson #3: Be adjustable

“The best thing you can do as PM is to adjust to what your team needs.”
Engineers, PMs, Marketers… be a servant leader for them. Support them to fail, assure that the social security supports them in making mistakes and learning from them. 

Lesson #4: Reality check!

How do you differentiate what you do as a PM? Are you into the right market at the right time with the right skillset? If not, how do you prepare for it?

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Lesson #5: Use validating learning to challenge everything!

Don't use your mind into this! Every hypothesis must be validated if you plan to do something innovative. What if your product is disruptive? Discuss with a lot of people without offering solutions but only questioning everything!

Lesson #6: Work with people who outsmart you!

Try and learn as much as you can about everything. Do you feel that you are challenged enough? Or is there space for being inspired by others?

Lesson #7: Skills matter but attitude is everything

Find people with attitude and skills will come along. Sometimes it is better to consolidate the team, even if you make mistakes in the customer relationship than having a skilled team and fail later, when the clients are multiplied. 

Lesson #8: Trust your team and somehow the team will succeed

Are you engaged into the right road? Are all the members of the team engaged?

The product is the team. If they succeed the product is succeeding and the other way around is still available.

Lesson #9: Learn from exigent clients

Select the clients that share your vision and learn from and with them.


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