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The usefulness of custom content

What is custom content?

A clear definition could be the one found on Adotas:

“Custom Content — pioneered by folks like Pohly & Pohly over 50 years ago with the airline magazine — was typically the creation of content meant to build an affinity with your existing audience. This content would reinforce the brand, communicate the value of the product and create new opportunities. Custom Content is the creation of  “branded content” for a customer. And, for the most part, custom content is created for the client to communicate with their own existing customers.”

The goal of custom content is to improve the SEO, build authority, create a community and a loyal audience. In this article we will explore the benefits of custom content and how it can work for your business.

Many of us may have found the term content marketing with the same meaning as custom content. However, there is a difference. Content marketing externally oriented with focus on attracting new readers and customers for the business.

Meanwhile, custom content is internally oriented focusing on existing customers.


Why is it useful? (benefits)

Improves SEO

Tailoring the custom content to answer the most demanded questions by using specific long-tail keywords can improve your website ranking, and the better the ranking, the more visible the site will be to potential customers.

Those keywords are used because they cover a wider variation of possible searches by people.Amazon does this in an excellent way. According to Neil Patel, Amazon generated 57% of its sales from long tail searches.

Have you noticed anything unusual when searching for a product online? If you did, you would know that most of the time Amazon is at the top of the page. Positioning or ranking is another advantage given by these keywords.

Builds authority

‘Authority’ means in this context to be more trustworthy and respected on Google, which in return affects you rank in search engines.

By creating custom content you establish the company/website as a leader in your industry. As you post valuable content that is respected and relied upon by users, Google’s algorithms will notice and see you as an authority in your field.

For instance, Consumer Reports which tests and ranks products by experts, is an authority due to the reliance consumers have on them. With millions of magazines sold and hundreds of thousands of Youtube subscribers there is no surprise why it’s such an influential organisation. 

Backlinks can also help when it comes to ranking. Google algorithms will pick that people are sharing your information online and thus will rank your content higher.

Creates a community and loyal audience

As a result of authority, communities can sprung to life and can result in a loyal audience. Using social media will increase the visibility and establish a more personal relationship with customers.

To retain customers it is important for the custom content to include helpful information about the software, tool, product or service consumers use.

A FAQ page will play an important role in this can help with the after purchase customer service experience.

Some (final) thoughts shape-1

  • Know your customer by figuring out their traits and characteristics such as: background, demographics, goals, challenges, objectives and fears. What is employee onboarding from the perspective of your company?
  • Use relevant keywords as to generate more leads and sales. A good research of keywords prior to creating any content is essential in order to maintain and attract users.
  • Produce desired content that is engaging. This is mandatory and something that marketers struggle with. This brings us back to being aware of your target audience and most importantly to the questions customers have. Using the AIDA formula in this case can be useful.
  • Examples of custom content can be shared with employees or students through Knolyx.


This article is part of a bigger topic called Onboarding process


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