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DescriptionWhat we offer

This course will explore the technical capabilities of the newly announced IBM model z13s and updates to the IBM model z13.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

The course participant will learn about the IBM new z13s and z13 hardware and software infrastructure to effectively run modern mainframe workloads/solutions.  The 1-day workshop will provide a detailed description of the new features and functions,  thereby enabling Clients, Business Partners and IBMers to plan, implement, and operate the system environment in an expedited manner.

TopicsThe best for you

The topics covered will include:
z13s Technical Details:
- CPC details
- Frame + processor drawer + nodes
- Processor Unit design
- Memory
- Capacity and Performance
- SMT and SIMD overview
- z Application Container Infrastructure
z13 and z13s Connectivity
- PCIe drawer / PCI Gen3
- I/O features for Storage, Networking and Coupling
- Flash Express, zEDC and RoCE
- Shared Memory Communications
Crypto and TKE Enhancements
- Hardware
- Enhancements
z13s Environmentals
 - Power and Cooling
Planning and Implementation Considerations
- Installation and migration
- Physical Planning
- MES scenarios
Software Operating Systems Support
Review of z13s and z13 Hypervisors
- Dynamic Partition Manager
- z/VM
- KVM for z Sytems
Statements of Direction

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

Previous knowledge about System z.

AudienceWho should attend

This technical workshop is intended for IT professionals who need to understand how to design and use the hardware infrastructure required to effectively run modern IBM z Systems solutions on new IBM z13s.  The workshop will be open to Clients, Business Partners and IBMers.  IT professionals, including technical project managers, architects, systems programmers/analysts, systems designers and application developers.