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DescriptionWhat we offer

The Curam Enterprise Framework (CEF) includes the Curam Application Development Environment (ADE), which provides features and tools for customizing Curam out of-the-box (OOTB) solutions. A practical grasp of the ADE is essential for teams wishing to build Curam-compliant solutions that provide high-quality citizen services. This course provides a solid grounding in the Curam model-driven development approach and ADE. It presents an architectural overview of the Curam application; introduces ADE features and tools for modeling, coding, building, and troubleshooting applications; presents tools and guides for interpreting OOTB solutions; and recommends an approach for customizing OOTB solutions. This training provides you with the essential knowledge and hands-on skills required to customize Curam OOTB solutions compliantly. After training, you can prepare for the following IBM Smarter Cities Certification: IBM Certified Associate Developer - Curam V6. To achieve this certification, you must pass the following certification exam: Test CUR-008 - IBM Curam V6, Development. Alternatively, learners can take specialized developer ILT and WBT training.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • describe the high-level architecture of the CEF
  • model Curam classes and relationships using Rational Software Architect (RSA)
  • use the Curam model-driven development approach and ADE to implement simple, end-to-end solutions
  • implement client and server features to build flexible and robust applications
  • access and interpret developer guidelines from the Curam Documentation Center
  • perform impact analysis within Curam using the Curam Impact and Relationship Analyzer (CIARA)
  • navigate the CEF class architecture and data model to determine customization changes
  • implement Curam-compliant solutions by customizing client and server artifacts
  • troubleshooting typical problems using trace and debugging tools

TopicsThe best for you

  • Overview of the CEF and its position in the Curam Business Application Suite
  • The Curam Documentation Center
  • Runtime and architectural overview of Curam
  • Elements of the Curam ADE
  • Modeling Curam class types using RSA
  • Developing web client applications using User Interface Metadata
  • Exception Handling in Curam
  • Implementing Code Tables
  • Using the Data Manager
  • Implementing client navigation features
  • Basic troubleshooting using trace and debugging tools
  • Data access using stereotyped methods and handcrafted SQL
  • Modeling relationships
  • Generating unique identifiers
  • Further client development features
  • Modeled, server, and client validations
  • Complex data types and widgets
  • Interpreting the CEF data model and processing class architecture
  • Customizing client artifacts compliantly
  • Customizing server artifacts compliantly
  • Impact analysis and customization exercises
  • Certification overview

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

You should have a working knowledge of object-oriented concepts, Java, XML, SQL, and n-tier enterprise applications.

AudienceWho should attend

This intermediate course is aimed at developers, testers, database administrators, and other technical roles that require fundamental skills to develop Cúram applications.