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Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

Category: Cloud Platform


This Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals course introduces AWS professionals to the core capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the four technology pillars: networking, compute, storage, and database. It is designed for AWS Solution Architects and SysOps Administrators familiar with AWS features and setup and want to gain experience configuring GCP products immediately.


  • AWS Solution Architects just getting started with Google Cloud Platform. /li>
  • AWS SysOps Administrators used to build IaaS solutions. /li>
  • Architects and Engineers operating in multi-cloud environments. /li>


3 days


  • Basic proficiency with networking technologies like subnets and routing.
  • Experience with Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2 instances, and disks.
  • Familiarity with Amazon S3 and AWS database technologies.


Introducing Google Cloud Platformul>
  • Google Cloud infrastructure. /li>
  • AWS regions, availability zones, and CloudFront. /li>
  • GCP regions, zones, edge caching, and Cloud CDN. /li>
  • GCP services. /li>Setting up Accounts and Billingul>
  • AWS accounts, billing, and IAM roles. /li>
  • GCP accounts, billing accounts, projects, and admin setup. /li>
  • Account, billing, project, and admin setup. /li>
  • Lab: Set up projects and billing accounts with a free-trial GCP account. /li>Networkingul>
  • Amazon VPC, subnets, routes, NACLs, and security groups. /li>
  • GCP networks, subnets, routes, and firewall rules. /li>
  • VMs in networks. /li>
  • Lab: Add VMs, explore the default network, and test connectivity. /li>Working with VM Instancesul>
  • Amazon EC2 instance types, AMIs, Amazon EBS, ephemeral drives, spot instances. /li>
  • Google Compute Engine machine types, instances, persistent disks, local SSDs, preemptible VMs. /li>
  • VM and web app deployment. /li>
  • Lab: Deploy VMs with an app by console and command line. /li>Scaling and Load Balancing Appsul>
  • Amazon EC2 launch configurations, auto-scaling groups, load balancing. /li>
  • Google Compute Engine instance templates, managed instance groups, load balancing. /li>
  • Autoscaling and load balancing setup. /li>
  • Lab: Scale and load balance instances, and test under load. /li>Isolating Instances and Appsul>
  • A 3-tier web app in GCP. /li>
  • A custom network with custom subnets and firewall rules. /li>
  • Lab: Build a 3-tier web app with public front-end and private backend. /li>Using Storage as a Service and Database as a Serviceul>
  • Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena. /li>
  • Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Bigtable, Google BigQuery. /li>
  • Lab: Use gsutil command-line tool to perform operations on buckets and objects in Cloud Storage. /li>
  • Lab: Load and analyze data in BigQuery. /li>Deployment and Monitoringul>
  • AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch. /li>
  • Google Cloud Deployment Manager, Google StackDriver. /li>
  • Lab: Deploy your infrastructure using Deployment Manager. /li>
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