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IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.0.x)

IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.0.x)

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This offering provides Business and Professional Authors with an introduction to report building techniques using relational data models. Techniques to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports will be explored. Activities will illustrate and reinforce key concepts during this learning opportunity.


Report Authors


3 days


Knowledge of your business requirements
IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers (v11.0) WBT or equivalent knowledge


What is IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting?
• Create a simple list report
• Create a report from a dimensionally modeled relational data source

Examine personal data sources and data modules
• Upload personal data
• Upload custom images
• Use navigation paths
• Create a report from a personal data source

Examine list reports
• Group data in a list
• Format columns in a list
• Include headers and footers in a list
• Enhance a list report

Aggregate measure/fact data
• Identify differences in aggregatiobr />• Explore data aggregatiobr />
Use shared dimensions to create multi-fact queries
• Create a multi-fact query in a list report

Add repeated information to reports
• Create a mailing list report

Create crosstab reports
• Add measures to a crosstab
• Data sources for a crosstab
• Create a simple crosstab report

Create complex crosstab reports
• Add items as peers
• Create crosstab nodes and crosstab members
• Create a complex crosstab report

Format, sort, and aggregate data in a crosstab
• Sort, format, and aggregate a crosstab report

Create discontinuous crosstab reports
• Present unrelated items using a discontinuous crosstab

Create a visualization report
• Create and format a visualization report
• Create a report that uses a Map visualizatiobr />• Show the same data graphically and numerically

Focus reports using filters
• Apply filters to a report
• Apply a detail filter on fact data in a report
• Apply a summary filter to a report

Focus reports using prompts
• Create a prompt by adding a parameter
• Add a value prompt to a report
• Add a Select & search prompt to a report
• Create a cascading prompt

Augment reports using calculations
• Add calculations to a report
• Display prompt selections in the report title

Customize reports with conditional formatting
• Create a multilingual report
• Highlight exceptional data and conditionally render a columbr />
Drill-through definitions
• Let users navigate to related data in IBM Cognos Analytics

Enhance report layout
• Create a report structured on data items
• Create a condensed list report

Use additional report building techniques
• Section a report and reuse objects within the same report
• Reuse layout components in a different report
• Explore options for reports that contain no data


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