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DescriptionWhat we offer

Do you need an effective method to capture and validate end user input, in real time, either from the Web or in stand-alone applications? Are you in an industry that requires an exact match to existing web applications or paper forms to meet government or industry regulations? Is there a need to upgrade the end user experience to eliminate input errors so that only validated and required data is collected by your application or service?

IBM Forms V8.0 automates forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service, and time to value making you more responsive to customer and market needs. IBM Forms V8.0 enables Line-of-Business and IT users to collect data and automate processes via agile web-applications, as well as classic document based forms applications in one nicely integrated package, which can also be utilized on iOS and Android tablet based devices.

A new key feature in IBM Forms version 8.0 introduces IBM Forms Experience Builder, which provides the following benefits to line of businesses and IT users:

  • Exceptional web-based data collection applications
  • Easy-to-use, web-driven creation of compelling, data collection user interface
  • Lightweight routing for approvals and notifications
  • CSS-based styling
  • Easy integration with REST Services via REST API

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • Learn about the key features provided in IBM Forms version 8 with the focus on the new IBM Forms Experience Builder.
  • Using the IBM Forms Experience Builder, you will learn to use the simple web-based user interface to:
    • develop interactive form driven applications
    • integrate role based security
    • implement the integrated lightweight routing for approvals and notifications
    • explore personalized integration with WebSphere Portal
    • leverage open standards utilizing REST API services

TopicsThe best for you

  • Introduction to IBM Forms 8.0 and Forms Experience Builder (FEB)
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) Overview
  • IBM Forms Classic vs. IBM Forms Experience Builder
  • LAB: IBM FEB UI Tour Introduction
  • LAB: IBM FEB Application Development
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder - Custom Themes
  • LAB: Creating Custom Themes
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder - Application Security
  • LAB: Exploring Application Security
  • FEB Personalization Integration with Websphere Portal (FEB Installation and configuration)
  • LAB: Integrating IBM Forms Experience Builder with WebSphere Portal
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder Architecture and Services Integration
  • FEB JavaScript API
  • LAB: FEB JavaScript API
  • LAB: IBM Forms Experience Builder - REST API
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic Overview
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic Architecture
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic - Forms Designer
  • LAB: IBM Classic Forms 8.0 Designer
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic - WebForms Server vs. WebForm Viewer
  • LAB: Tour of IBM Forms Viewer
  • Integrating IBM Forms Classic with IBM Case Manager

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

You should have:

  • Good technical understanding of Internet concepts
  • General understanding of object-oriented programming concepts, systems, and languages
  • Some knowledge of Web 2.0 concepts

Experience with XML and Java technology is desirable. Experience with IBM Forms development is recommended.

AudienceWho should attend

This intermediate course is designed for IBM Forms Solution Architects and developers.