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DescriptionWhat we offer

In this course students learn how the Information Governance Catalog is used to govern information assets through the development of a governance catalog of categories and terms. This catalog documents information assets and governance policies and rules that implement the high-level strategy and objectives of a governance program.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • Describe information governance
  • Describe how the Information Governance Catalog supports information governance
  • Build a business glossary of categories and terms
  • Add policies and rules the business glossary
  • Learn about the Information Glossary Catalog workflow
  • Learn how to administer the Information Glossary Catalog
  • Learn how to use IBM Glossary Anywhere
  • Optionally, learn about the Information Governance Dashboard

TopicsThe best for you

1. Introduction to the Information Governance Catalog
? Describe information governance
? Describe how the Information Governance Catalog supports information governance
? Describe the IBM Information Server environment that Information Governance Catalog is a part of
? Describe the governance role of the Information Governance Catalog within Information Server

2.  Building a Business Glossary
? Describe categories and terms
? Describe the category hierarchy
? Describe the kind of information in categories and terms
? Describe how to create categories and terms

3.  Governance Policies and Rules
? Describe policies and rules
? Describe the rules hierarchy
? Describe the kind of information in policies and rules
? Describe how to create policies and rules

4. Catalog Workflow
? Describe Information Governance Catalog (IGC) security roles
? Describe Catalog workflow
? Create a new category and mark it for review
? Review a category
? Edit the category based on the reviewer?s feedback
? Approve a category
? Publish the Catalog

5. Catalog Management
? Restrict access to Catalog content
? Create labels
? Manage stewards
? Create custom attributes
? Import and export a business glossary

6.  IBM Glossary Anywhere
? Configure IBM Glossary Anywhere
? Search for governance assets using IBM Glossary Anywhere
? Use text capture to search for governance assets

7.  Information Governance Dashboard (optional)
? Explore the Information Governance Dashboard
? Drilling down in the Cognos charts


PrerequisitesWhat should you know

Those taking this course should have basic knowledge of the Windows operating system. Familiarity with Information Server products is desirable but not required

AudienceWho should attend

This is a basic course for those who will be using Information Governance Catalog to develop and implement their information governance strategy.