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DescriptionWhat we offer

This course covers how to create scenarios in order to impact pricing actions that will create a set of optimized prices to improve overall Category results.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

This hands-on course teaches you how to prepare IBM DemandTec Price Optimization to run pricing scenarios. You will learn how to:


  • Explain the benefits of the IBM DemandTec Price Optimization application
  • Review data in DemandTec Reporting to review for anomalies
  • Pre-price and Price-lock products that should not change during rules pricing or optimization
  • Explain Product Status and products included in the pricing action
  • Create data to support IBM DemandTec Price Optimization rules such as Size Families/Classes, Brand Families/Classes and Other Families/Classes
  • Create Product and Store groups for rules and CPIs
  • Create and calculate CPIs weighted and non-weighted CPIs
  • Explain Competitive and Compliance data
  • Import and Export data into and from IBM DemandTec Price Optimization
  • Differentiate between Rules Priced and Optimized scenarios
  • Use DemandTec rules to support category strategies
  • Create scenarios and add rules strategically.
  • Run "what if" scenarios to compare the projected financial implications of various pricing strategies.
  • Review summary-level optimized prices using Scenario Summary and Compare Scenario features
  • Review Scenario Results reports and Compare Scenario Details functionality
  • Use the PRA to answer price change questions
  • Research price change causals
  • Investigate Rule Relaxations using the rule relaxation methodology
  • Override prices and re-forecast benefits
  • Approve and send prices to stores

TopicsThe best for you

  • Data Review and Set-up
  • Different types of Rules and how they are applied in Pricing Actions
  • Creation of Product, Store and Rules Groups
  • Explanation of Competitive and Compliance Data
  • Creation and calculation of CPI’s
  • Import and Export of Pricing Data
  • Review summary-level optimized prices using Scenario Summary and Compare Scenario features
  • Analysis of scenario results reports
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PrerequisitesWhat should you know

To get the maximum benefit from this course, you should meet the following prerequisites. You should:

  • Have some experience using web browsers, the internet and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Be able to navigate a GUI environment

As you work through the concepts and tasks, it is assumed that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel; although this will not be a blocking issue to learning DemandTec Applications.

AudienceWho should attend

The audience for this basic course is Pricing Analysts, Pricing Managers, Category Managers, Pricing Executives or Sponsors, Manufacturing representatives or managers, and other professionals who need to perform the following tasks:

  • Enter and maintain price/cost data
  • Enter and maintain product relationships
  • Create data to support DemandTec rules
  • Manage competitive positioning
  • Understand / interpret DemandTec Rules
  • Apply and prioritize strategic rules to scenarios
  • Run "what if" scenarios and ascertain results
  • Approve prices