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DescriptionWhat we offer

This course explores the basics of designing, building, and executing a marketing campaign using IBM Unica Campaign. This course prepares you to configure IBM Unica Campaign's processes for use in campaigns from simple to moderate in complexity, use data structures in campaigns, create offers and apply them to campaigns, and to track responses to campaigns.

This course is one of five classes in the IBM Unica Campaign 8 learning series. To complete your learning you should also attend the IBM Unica Campaign 8 Administration, the IBM Unica Campaign 8 Architecture and Installation, the IBM Unica Reports Installation and Administration, and the IBM Unica Campaign Advanced Techniques classes.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • Navigate the IBM Unica Campaign user interface
  • Design, build, test, and execute Campaign flowcharts to support your marketing tasks
  • Access your marketing data in IBM Unica Campaign via table mappings and catalogs
  • Create offers and use them in your Campaigns
  • Understand the response tracking features of IBM Unica Campaign
  • View the standard analytical reports
  • Schedule flowcharts and read flowchart logs
  • Create offer attributes and offer templates

TopicsThe best for you

IBM Unica Campaign Basics

  • The IBM Unica Marketing Platform
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Navigation and Logon
  • Other Menu and Page Features
  • Campaign Concepts and Terminology
  • Navigating Around the Unica Campaign Interface

Building a Flowchart, Part 1: Data Selection and Manipulation

  • Creating Flowcharts
  • The Select Process
  • Table and Table Catalogs
  • Strategic Segments
  • Process Status Indicators
  • The Merge Process
  • The Segment Process
  • The Sample Process
  • Running Flowcharts
  • Flowcharts Templates

Building a Flowchart, Part 2: Data Refinement and Output

  • Building Queries
  • Derived Fields
  • Why Use Derived Fields?
  • User Variables
  • Snapshot Process
  • Audience Levels
  • Table Mapping
  • The Audience Process
  • The Extract Process
  • Scheduler

Offer Attributes, Offers and Offer Lists

  • The Offer and Response Life Cycle
  • Offer Concepts
  • Offer Attributes
  • Offers and Offers Versions
  • Creating Offers
  • Using Offer Lists
  • Creating an Offer Lists

Assigning Offers and Cell Management

  • The Offer - Response Cycle
  • Offer Assignment Flow
  • Treatments and Treatment Codes
  • Contact History Concepts
  • Assigning Offers
  • Outbound Triggers
  • Target Cell Spreadsheet

Response Tracking and Reporting

  • The Offer - Response Life Cycle
  • Response Attribution
  • Response Categories
  • Example Scenario: The Offer
  • Analyzing Response History

Managing the Campaign Environment

  • Flowchart Logs
  • Custom Offer Attributes
  • Offer Templates
  • Sessions

More Campaign Objects and Processes

  • Custom Macros
  • Track Process

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

Learners should have general knowledge of database marketing.

AudienceWho should attend

This basic course is for new users of IBM Unica Campaign, and Unica Partners who will be designing, building, and executing campaigns.

For Unica Partners:

  • This course is part 1 of 5 in the Unica learning series.
  • Partners should attend all four parts.
    • Part 1: Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign 8
    • Part 2: IBM Unica Campaign 8 Administration
    • Part 3: IBM Unica Campaign 8 Architecture and Installation
    • Part 4: IBM Unica Reports Installation and Administration
    • Part 5: IBM Unica Campaign Advanced Techniques