DescriptionWhat we offer

Writing story tests affords your team superior communication, in-depth understanding of the system and how it should be changed, and an evolving suite of system tests definitions. Automating these tests, in a way that is accessible to customers alike, testers, developers will allow you to derive the most value from them.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • Understand Fit framework
  • The importance of automating story tests
  • Story test driven development (STDD)
  • How to use Fit to implement STDD
  • How to use Fit to automate story tests
  • How to use Fit as it is distributed
  • How to extend Fit to do exactly what you need
  • To understand test interfaces and how to reuse story tests

TopicsThe best for you

  • Story Testing overview
  • Fit overview
  • Integrating Fit with your development environment
  • Understanding vanilla Fit capabilities
  • Mocking and Fit
  • Understanding how Fit Works Internally
  • Extending Fit capabilities to implement specific Domain Specific Languages (DSL)
  • Fixture reuse by different product teams
  • Changing the development process to accommodate story testing
    • The build
    • Source control
    • Testing
    • Dealing with legacy code

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

  • Analysis and Design Methods
  • Planning/Estimation
  • Team Agility
  • Transitioning to Agile
  • ATDD

AudienceWho should attend

  • Developers
  • Technical testers