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DescriptionWhat we offer

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ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • The Requirement Engineering Discipline as it pertains to software development projects
  • The Requirements Management Process
  • Requirement characteristics and techniques to write quality requirements
  • The Requirements Development Process
  • Effective requirements development skills to produce a clear statement of stakeholder requirements
  • Problem Analysis, Stakeholder and Actor Analysis and Identification
  • Basic use case concepts and how they are used in a software development project
  • Techniques for writing effective use cases
  • Quality use cases that are clear, correct, traceable and verifiable

TopicsThe best for you

Introduction to Business Analysis

  • Discuss the definition of Business Analysis
  • Discuss the definition of Business Analyst
  • Examine knowledge areas of Business Analysts
  • Examine the skills of a Business Analyst
  • Discuss the various roles of the Business Analysts

Introduction to Requirements Engineering

  • The Requirements Engineering Discipline
    • RE suggested practices
  • Requirements Management
    • Requirements Organization and Containment
    • Requirements Change Control
    • Requirements Traceability
    • Key Artifacts
  • Requirements Development
    • The Requirements Development Process
    • Elicit, Analyze, Specification, Verification

Requirement Concepts

  • Requirement definition
  • Requirement Levels
    • Requirements Types (including FURPS)
    • Enduring and volatile requirements
    • Requirement Characteristics
    • SMART requirements

Requirements Development

  • Requirement development activities
  • Requirement sources
    • Stakeholder and Actor Identification
  • Requirement analysis
  • Requirement elicitation process
  • Elicitation techniques
  • Writing good requirements
  • Ambiguity checklist
  • Requirement quality
  • Software quality attributes
  • Quality verification

Problem Analysis

  • Defining the problem
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Problem Analysis Techniques
  • The Solution Boundary
  • Constraints

Introduction to Use Cases

  • What is a use case
  • Specifying use cases
  • Use Case relationships
  • Extend and Includes

Use Case Specification

  • Use Case Templates
  • Writing Techniques
  • Getting Started
  • Suggested Practices

Evaluating Requirements

  • Use Case Reviews
  • Organizing a Review
  • Review Criteria

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

  • None

AudienceWho should attend

  • Analysts
  • Analysts
  • Managers
  • Managers
  • Analysts Designers