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DescriptionWhat we offer

This course is designed to introduce Java developers to the development and testing of server-side applications based on Java EE component model, using IBM WebSphere and IBM Rational tools.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • Describe Java EE component model and its use in building server-side applications
  • Develop, debug, and test server-side applications using IBM Rational Application Developer and IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Develop and test servlets using IBM WebSphere and IBM Rational tools
  • Develop and test JSP pages using IBM WebSphere and IBM Rational tools
  • Learn how to use JavaBeans, JSPs and servlets in accordance with the Model/View/Controller (MVC) programming model
  • Develop, test, and use JSP custom tags
  • Describe deployment and run-time issues of Java EE-based applications including security, scalability, and work load management in the context of WebSphere Application Server
  • Assemble and perform integration testing of Java EE-based applications using WebSphere Application Server
  • Identify best practices for designing and building Web applications such as application frameworks and design patterns

TopicsThe best for you

  • Introduction to Java EE Web Component
  • Overview of Servlets
  • Java EE Perspective of the Rational Application Developer
  • Java EE Container Services Overview
  • Servlet API
  • Library Case Study
  • Overview of JavaServer Pages
  • JavaServer Pages Specification and Syntax
  • Page Designer in Rational Application Developer
  • Debugging Web Applications
  • Web Archive Deployment Descriptor
  • Session State Storage Issues
  • Cookie API
  • HttpSession: Management of Application Data
  • URL Rewriting
  • Best Practices for Session Management
  • JavaBeans and the MVC Pattern
  • JavaServer Pages with JavaBeans
  • JSP Expression Language
  • JSP Custom Tags
  • JSP Tag Files
  • Servlet Filtering
  • Servlet Listeners
  • Best Practices for Server-Side Application Development
  • Java EE Packaging and Deployment
  • Installing an application in WebSphere Application Server V7.0
  • Web Application Security

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

  • Develop, test, and deploy Java applications
  • Understand server-side Java applications

AudienceWho should attend

  • Java developers