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Networking in Google Cloud Platform

Networking in Google Cloud Platform

Category: Cloud Platform Architect


This 2-day course gives students a broad study of networking options on Google Cloud Platform. Through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, learners explore and deploy GCP networking technologies, such as Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks, subnets, firewalls, interconnection among networks, load balancing, Cloud DNS, and Cloud CDN. The course also covers common network design patterns and automated deployment using Cloud Deployment Manager.


  • Network Engineers and Network Admins who are either using Google Cloud Platform or planning to do so /li>
  • Individuals who want to be exposed to software-defined networking solutions in the cloud./li>


3 days


  • Completed Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure or have equivalent experience
  • Clear understanding of the 7-layer OSI model
  • Clear understanding of IPv4 addressing
  • Prior experience with managing IPv4 routes


  • Google Cloud VPC Networking Fundamentalsul>
  • Recall that networks belong to projects /li>
  • Explain the differences among default, auto, and custom networks /li>
  • Create networks and subnets /li>
  • Explain how IPv4 addresses are assigned to Compute Engine instances /li>
  • Publish domain names using Cloud DNS /li>
  • Create Compute Engine instances with IP aliases /li>
  • Create Compute Engine instances with multiple virtual network interfaces /li>
  • Controlling Access to VPC Networksul>
  • Outline how IAM policies affect VPC networks /li>
  • Control access to network resources using service accounts /li>
  • Control access to Compute Engine instances with tag-based firewall rules /li>
  • Sharing Networks across Projectsul>
  • Outline the overall workflow for configuring shared VPC /li>
  • Differentiate between the IAM roles that allow network resources to be managed /li>
  • Configure peering between unrelated VPC networks/li>
  • Recall when to use shared VPC and when to use VPC peering /li>
  • Load Balancingul>
  • Recall the various load balancing services /li>
  • Configure Layer 7 HTTP(S) load balancing/li>
  • Whitelist and blacklist IP traffic with Cloud Armor /li>
  • Cache content with Cloud CDN /li>
  • Configure internal load balancing /li>
  • Determine which GCP load balancer to use when /li>
  • Hybrid Connectivityul>
  • Recall the GCP interconnect and peering services available to connect your infrastructure to GCP /li>
  • Explain Dedicated Interconnect and Partner Interconnect /li>
  • Describe the workflow for configuring a Dedicated Interconnect /li>
  • Build a connection over a VPN with Cloud Router /li>
  • Determine which GCP interconnect service to use when /li>
  • Explain Direct Peering and Partner Peering /li>
  • Determine which GCP peering service to use when /li>
  • Networking Pricing and Billingul>
  • Recognize how networking features are charged for /li>
  • Use Network Service Tiers to optimize spend /li>
  • Determine which Network Service Tier to use when /li>
  • Recall that labels can be used to understand networking spend /li>
  • Network Design and Deploymentul>
  • Explain common network design patterns /li>
  • Automate the deployment of networks using Deployment Manager /li>
  • Launch networking solutions using Cloud Marketplace /li>
  • Network Monitoring and Troubleshootingul>
  • Configure uptime checks, alerting policies, and charts for your network services /li>
  • Use VPC Flow Logs to log and analyze network traffic behavior/li>
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