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DescriptionWhat we offer

The workshop is intended to provide skills to implement V7000 with VIOS and IBM i, set-up business continuity solutions of IBM i full disk with V7000 copy services, and implement PowerHA SystemMirror for i with V7000. You also test the Disaster recovery scenarios and off-line saves in either full disk or PowerHA environment. The workshop is designed as hands-on: you work in one group and build up complete environment starting with V7000 set-up, through VIOS mapping and install IBM i, then the setup of V7000 copy services, cloning IBM i LPAR, DR scenarios with full system, to the set-up of cluster and IASP, PowerHA installation and testing switch of IASP at Disaster Recovery solutions.

ObjectivesWhat you learn

  • Enable you to get extensive skills in implementation of V7000 with IBM i, in using V7000 copy services with IBM i and in implementing PowerHA for i with V7000
  • Provide the knowledge about V7000 and V3700
  • Provide the knowledge about business continuity solutions for IBM i with V7000 copy services

TopicsThe best for you

  • IBM Storwize V7000 and V3700,
  • Defining arrays, storage pools and LUNs in V7000,
  • Connect the LUNs to VIOS in Multipath,
  • Create virtual adapters to connect IBM i to VIOS,
  • Set-up VIOS for optimal performance with IBM I,
  • Map the LUNs in VIOS for the IBM i client,
  • Install IBM i operating system from virtual CDs in VIOS,
  • Boot from SAN with V7000,
  • Implement Metro Mirror in V7000,
  • Implement FlashCopy in V7000,
  • Use V7000 Metro Mirror of full disk for Disaster recovery solutions,
  • Use V7000 FlashCopy of full disk for off-line backups,
  • Implement IBM i Cluster and IASP,
  • Implement PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i with V7000 Metro mirror and FlashCopy,
  • Use PowerHA for i for Disaster recovery solutions with V7000 Metro Mirror,
  • Use PowerHA for i for off-line save to saves with V7000 FlashCopy

PrerequisitesWhat should you know

You should have basic skills in IBM i installation and management, and basic knowledge about Storage system V7000, and VIOS.

AudienceWho should attend

This advanced class is meant for IBM personnel , IBM Business Partners and customers who are interested in achieving extensive skills in this area.