_ Business communication skills

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Business communication skills eContent module gives you a clear insight into what constitutes effective oral and written business communication in a fast-paced global business environment, and provides you with the opportunity to develop your own workplace communication skills. The course is highly interactive and task-oriented. Case analyses, simulations, written assignments and individual and team presentations will allow you to practise the theories and key concepts introduced during the course. Peer and lecturer feedback will give you a clear picture of your present communication skills, and an indication of how you can enhance your performance.


People with an open-minded mindset who welcome uncertainty and want to stay up to date with the global business environment


Analyze communication situations and audiences to make choices about the most effective and efficient way to communicate and deliver messages
Conduct research that includes the use of electronic library resources and the Internet; use the results of that research to complete written and oral reports
Deliver effective business presentations in contexts that may require either extemporaneous or impromptu oral presentations
Provide feedback, accept feedback, and use feedback to improve communication skills
Write business documents that are grammatically correct and use appropriate business style
Develop effective interpersonal communication skills
Use communication technology appropriately and effectively


Introduction to Business communication skills
Achieving Success Through Effective Business Communication
Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication
Communicating in a World of Diversity
Planning Business Messages
Team & Cultural Experience
Writing Business Messages
Completing Business Messages
Designing and Delivering Oral and Online Presentations
Crafting Messages for Electronic Media
Writing Routine and Positive Messages
Writing Negative and Persuasive Messages