_ Business negotiation skills

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Business negociation skills eContent module is aimed at developing analytical and communication skills that are necessary for successful business negotiations. The negotiation is described as a complex three-stage process which consists of preparation, negotiating, and post-negotiation implementation and evaluation. The course combines both theoretical knowledge of leading negotiation scholars and practical experience through learning by doing. The students will be engaged in business games, trainings, group discussions and creative tasks.


People with an open-minded mindset who welcome uncertainty and want to stay up to date with the global business environment


Define the stages and elements of the negotiation process
Develop the skills and techniques of a successful negotiator
Identify optimal win-win solutions in negotiations and make profitable deals
Differentiate negotiation styles and mental models, analyze their own and their partner’s behavior in negotiations
Learn to counter manipulation and psychological press in negotiations


Introduction to business negotiation skills
What is negotiation?
Preparing the negotiations
Negotiation stages
Negotiation strategies
Countering manipulation and psychological press
Post-negotiation stage
Special negotiation cases