_ Effective Sales

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Effective Sales eContent module will challenge your sales team. Designed to help account executives accomplish their objectives in today’s dynamic and demanding business environment, this course will greatly improve their performance, train them in business approach and methodology, and hone their business language skills. Using practical methods, participants will be coached on the best attitudes and behaviors to better perform at each stage of the commercial negotiation. They will learn to adapt what they have learned to their customers’ needs, thus increasing client satisfaction, retention and spontaneous recommendation.


People with an open-minded mindset who welcome uncertainty and want to stay up to date with the global business environment


Aligns sales team culture with organizational goals
Develops peak performance of the sales team
Creates a new sales approach methodology
Helps the team use their commercial contacts more effectively
Builds the self-confidence of each participant
Increase client satisfaction


The negotiation preparation for success
Selling and controlling goals
The effective communication
How to listen and how to ask questions
The call as a sales tool
The negotiation process
Presenting and defending your product
Managing difficult situations
How to say “no”
Managing complaints
Attitudes and behaviors of excellence