_ Mastering Team Leadership Skills

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Working in teams is much more effective than working with the old style bureaucratic management. This has been well demonstrated by first the Japanese experience and later in other countries around the world. But the transition from hierarchy to teamwork requires the study and application of the principles of team style management.


People with an open-minded mindset who welcome uncertainty and want to stay up to date with the global business environment


Recognize the difference between ineffective and effective teams
Study the different team player styles and their impact
Devise a strategy to manage the team through the stages of development
Discover techniques for improving their personal performance as a team leader
Examine the art of motivating employees
Consider methods of dealing with conflicts between team members
Review strategies for handling difficult people


Building a High Performance Team
● The Goals of Teamwork
● High Performance Team Masterplan
● Identifying Effective Team Behaviours
● Identifying Ineffective Team Behaviours
● Understanding Team Player Styles
● Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Teams
Leading Different Types of Teams
● Employing Teams
● Creating Virtual Teams through Technology
● Overcoming Resistance to Teamwork
● Meeting Team Performance Challenges
● Understanding the Stages of Team Development
● Essential Skills for Team Leaders
Self Motivation and Development
● Harnessing the Power of Your Abilities
● Choosing Empowering Beliefs and Values
● Building Your Self Confidence
● Maintaining a Positive Attitude
● Strengthening Determination and Commitment
● Turning Ideas into Action
Dealing with Team Conflict
● Defining Team Conflict
● Understanding the Causes of Conflict
● The Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument
● Dealing with Different Learning Styles
● Managing Conflict Effectively
● Obtaining the Benefits of Productive Disagreement
Dealing with Difficult Team Members
● Common Causes of Difficult People on a Team
● Types of Difficult People
● Adopting an Assertive Approach
● Models for Effective Counseling
● Managing the Difficult Team Member
● Dealing Appropriately with Personal Criticism