_ Occupational safety and health management

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Occupational Safety and Health Management eContent module introduces effective safety programs in industry; covers the causative factors of industrial accidents, the basic elements in safety management for accident control, risk management and insurance programming.


Anyone who has an interest in OSHM


To understand and acquire the following:
• First Aid;
• Electrical Safety;
• Fire Safety;
• Types of accidents;
• Quality Control;
Identify potential workplace safety and health hazards and determine how to mitigate the hazards through engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment
Identify the components needed to provide a safe and healthful work environment
Conduct basic safety inspections using strategies that they have developed though Hazard identification and job hazard analysis
Identify and demonstrate a working knowledge of the occupational health and safety regulations
Developing and implementing a successful occupational health and safety program and evaluation of a work site
Prevention and protection services representation for workers
The important of communication with other
General criteria for risk assessment


Safety & health hazards involved during working
Accident causes and types of accidents
Record keeping
Personal protective equipment (PPE's)
First aid method during the emergency
Describe the types of fire & their preventive measures
Elaborate the concept of quality to achieve maximum production
Safety precautions
Understand the accident & prevention measure from the accident
Communicate with the related perssons in the Industry
Apply basic concept of quality control to achieve the maximum production