_ The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude Training

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The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude Training eContent module can increase both your personal and business results and achievements. New business requirements, increased performance demands and a changing workforce mean it is essential for professionals at all levels to understand and master the skills, techniques and methods of positive thinking and positive attitude. Recent studies in behavioral science and neuroscience reveal scientific proof and evidence of the power of a positive mental attitude. Research also tells us that high achievers have trained themselves in this vital attitude. This interactive and highly practical programme gives you a step-by-step method to cultivate the power of a positive thinking and attitude. It will also provide you with many practical insights and tools to manage and develop others as well.


People with an open-minded mindset who welcome uncertainty and want to stay up to date with the global business environment


Manage and motivate people more effectively using goal setting, positive outcomes and success coaching
Create and harness the power of high performance teams by creating a climate of performance-focused positive thinking
Understand and effectively utilize strategic attitude-enhancing skills and techniques
Lead people for more positive results by changing the way you think and motivate yourself
Utilize proven success tools for guaranteed results – enhancing the performance and standards of excellence for yourself, your team and your organization as a whole
Consider methods for improving management performance through proven positive thinking tools and techniques
Master the power of positive thinking to create more success and happiness in your life and learn how to generate it in others
How a positive attitude affects performance at work
Brain research and the positive attitude and the science of success
Using positive-thinking coaching to focus others on more empowering outcomes
Explore positive thinking and attitude in management style and the role of emotional intelligence for tomorrow’s organization


Intoduction to Postive Thinking Theory and Practice
● History and development of positive thinking as personal and business development
● Theorists and writers who shaped and contributed to the field
● The science of positive thinking – research and studies that have shown the efficacy of postitive thining in individuals and organisation
● Case study: Success through a positive mental attitude
● Understanding where attitudes come from
● mental principles and attitudes that can shape your behaviour and future
● Letting go you’re your mental blocks and negative beliefs
The Principle of Goal Setting and Creating Motivational Outcomes
● How to achieve more on purpose
● What do you want to achieve? A goal setting method for personal achievement
● Building a proactive mental attitude
● Focussing on the future and harnessing the law of attraction
● Can we affect our future by changing our behaviour
● The power of positive mental attitude and how goal setting work together
● Mastering self-discipline and how to stay focused and positive
● Overcoming set-backs, problems and obstacles
● Staying commited and postive – and generating this quality in others
Neuro Linguistic Programming as a Tool for Directing Postive Thinking
● History, background and applications of NLP
● Introduction to NLP outcome-based positive thinking
● Using the meta and Milton model in everyday conversation
● Swish and re-framing models to create more positive realities and reprogram negative attitudes
● What to say when you talk to yourself
● The and the power of empowering beliefs and tools to master this principle
Positive Thinking Coaching Others to Become More Positive and Goal-Focused
● Using positive and pro-active coaching to move others from being stuck to being motivated
● Learn and practical powerful coaching skills to challenge negative thinking and beliefs in others and turn into powerful
● Coaching practice using an example drawn from participants own experience
● Case study: Application of cognitive behaviour theraphy in positive thinking
Autogenic Conditioning and Positive Visualisation
● History and applications of autogenic conditioning and visualisation as a force for creating positive thinking and attitude
● How it works – practical techniques to program unconscious thinking in yourself and others
● Visualisation techniques and relaxation techniques
● Practical positive thinking tools and methods to use in your personal and work endeavours
● Generating flow and getting into the ‘zone’