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Before we get into project management, we need to define what exactly a “project” is. Sure, you’ve probably been assigned countless “projects” in school or on the job, but what is the actual definition?

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What are the employee training expectations?

2 min Employee training: what you need to know When it comes to a training process, there are some things that are often involved, such as a L&D team, a training plan, a list with objectives and a target audience. But most of the time, one thing is overlooked: the trainees’ expectations from a specific learning program. […]

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Enhance employee engagement with the right questions

3 min Employee engagement: why do you have to pay attention to it? As you well know, an usual day of an employee looks like that: you go to the office, you start doing the things on your to do list, and then the unplanned comes into place: new tasks appear out of nowhere, you cannot perform […]

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Essential training skills for your online learning programs

2 min Training skills: how are they necessary? According to definitions, a corporate trainer “is a teacher who works in a corporate setting to provide education and training to employees. All industries use corporate trainers to ensure employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete their jobs.” If you search the Internet for the responsibilities of […]

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Online training: 3 common mistakes

3 min Why remote training? Online training has been a great choice for a while not and more and more companies have started to use it. But why? Companies have started implementing remote training a while ago, based on a series of reasons, such as the existence of global teams, working from various locations, who needed to […]

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How to fix the lack of knowledge retention after a training session

2 min First of all: how do we learn? According to the research conducted by the National Learning Laboratory, people learn in various ways and each of these ways brings different results in terms of the knowledge retention, as it follows: Lecture: passive mode, 5% knowledge retention, auditory style Reading: passive mode, 10% knowledge retention, visual style […]

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Why do you need a training needs assessment?

2 min Why? Training needs assessment: why are they important? Most companies have a learning & development department, with specialists trying to figure out what's the best approach when it comes to delivering the right course to an employee. Most of the companies already know that it's important to deliver efficient training programs, but what makes the […]

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How Learning Drives Organizational Culture Transformation

3 min Changes in the organizational world One of the drastic changes that the organizational world has done is to move away from strategy and focus more on organizational culture. This shift is a welcome relief as the work culture of an organization affects the overall mindset of employees and can also impact the business’s effectiveness on […]

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How Do You Get Employees Interested In Training Programs

3 min One the job training programs On the job training is a great way for employees to further their expertise, which in the long run can increase their salary and value to the company. These days, many companies choose to offer training programs, as this enables them to use existing expertise to create value. It is […]

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Common Mistakes In Learning and Development

3 min Learning and development overview Constant learning and development leaders are common in the workplace, it is also common to make mistakes that hinder the development instead of enhancing it. A study showed that if new training or information is not applied, it will take only 6 days for 75% of it to be forgotten. So, […]

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7 business certifications worth having in 2020

3 min Business Certifications: Why should you get the 2020 is the year of pushing yourself professionally. With many people still working from home, furloughed, or losing their jobs, it's important more than ever to get some professional certifications on your CV. Why get certified? They help you gain credibility, increase your marketability, and keep yourself current. […]

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10 challenges of being an IT professional

3 min The struggles of an IT professional While careers in information technology are often considered highly sophisticated and lucrative in this day and age, professionals in this field often face numerous challenges across all spectrums of workplace difficulties, and pursuing this field can lead to a rude awakening for this who are uninitiated in the nuances […]

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The 6 Most Important IT Skills For 2020

3 min IT skills: a necessity Every year brings its own set of challenges and developments to the IT industry. Since it is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world, staying up to date with the newest developments is vital for survival. Experts predict that the future of IT to be mostly AI and cloud […]

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How do you find the right learning path?

3 min Why should you find the right learning path? Finding the right Learning Path is essential for the development of your team. At Brain Center you will find a wide variety of tailored learning that is easy to navigate and could be vital for upskilling your members. A Learning Path is the collection of different courses […]

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Training materials: tips and tricks

3 min Training materials overview When designing a training course, writing is only one component. There are other stages that play into how the content is absorbed and applied, like development, assessment, and delivery. However, the writing stage is an integral part of designing training material. Training materials can be used in many settings, as part of […]

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Workforce engagement: how to achieve it

3 min What is workforce engagement? Workforce engagement, according to the business dictionary, is the emotional connection an employee feels towards his or her organization, which tends to influence their behaviors and level of effort in work-related activities. Employee engagement is important and can have benefits to a company or organization. It does not necessarily correspond to […]

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How Agile HR leaders create better Employee Engagement

3 min HR leaders: find out how humans learn Researcher spent over 100 years on understanding how humans learn and remember what the’ve learned! This book is a scientific result, impressive in its scope. The subject is very vast and there is a lot of information out there, usually the academic type that is not so practical and could […]

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Employee Experience(powerful) - 10x

3 min What is Employee Experience (EX)? First, let’s contemplate on these questions: which is the most important ‘asset’ of a company? your product/services are meeting frequent expectations of your clients? does your company just meet expectations or exceeded them? there is a way in which businesses can improve the ability to deliver customer value using an […]

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Effective training need analysis (2020)

3 min Find the why Start with "Training need analysis" so companies must: provide employee training programs invest in professional development to cover the skills gap provide their employees with opportunities to grow. You've heard these before, haven't you? Well, these statements are accurate, but it's not the must that makes them valid. It's the why behind them […]

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Agile in Finance: 3x efficient move

3 min Changes in the Financial field Agile in Finance. Keep that in mind. The unknown technologies are completely changing the rhythm in which a business develops and the requirements the employees must meet which in completing their daily professional tasks. Trading, business finance, accounting, profitability - these are key business factors that have a major impact […]

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3 reasons to organise efficient corporate training

3 min Corporate training in your professional bubble We live in a technologized, constantly changing world, which is a well-known fact of our society and we need corporate training. The innovation comes from each of us, according to how we adapt to this continuous change. There are many solutions, appropriate to a higher or lesser degree for […]

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  • Madi Radulescu

    Madi Radulescu

    MMM Consulting
    Collaborative learning platform, easy to use, easy to integrate learners' contribution as well, not only ours, easy way to test their connection to the program because it has all sort of tracking opportunities and options.
  • Iulian Berghian

    Iulian Berghian

    I've searched a lot for learning platforms and I find that the Knolyx platform is the best option for us. The main reason for which we've chosen Knolyx was that it is very easy to find information when we need it, you can organise and establish learning paths for newcomers, you can have evaluation tests for each step of the training and, of course, it is available on every device connected to the Internet, it doesn't matter if it's mobile or desktop.
  • Emanuela Savu

    Romanian Banking Institute
    Easy-to-use learning-app  with an intuitive interface and a very useful training tracker function.
  • alexandra-copos

    Alexandra Copos de Prada

    Moonstar Ventures
    Knolyx has been an amazing partner in developing together the most advanced learning experience platform for businesses looking to train their workforce. The platform’s modern look, simplicity and focus on a social and gamified learning experience make all the difference.
  • learning experience platform - ovidiu vasile

    Ovidiu Vasile 

    Urgent Cargus
    Knolyx product has streamlined our processes, reduced costs, and provided our users with an intelligible learning experience. Through Knolyx, we managed to deliver courses more easily to all our employees and partners, and made the induction process more efficient.
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