Learning is constantly evolving and we are committed to keep up. In our personalised delivery strategy, we combine e-learning with on-site delivery, getting the most out of every learning environment for each topic and technology. Furthermore, we are using Knolyx, a state of the art Learning Management System to define career paths and organise training sessions, while creating an engaging learning environment and making sure that the students truly develop their skills and knowledge.

Online or On-site delivery

On-site courses are more formal and fully engage the student's attention, while online courses are accessible anywhere, encourage the creation of learning habits and allow self-paced learning.

Formal or informal communication

Transferring knowledge from trainer to trainee is no longer enough. Students need to exchange information and gamification tools encourage collaboration and friendly competition.

Easy training management

All the training activities are kept in one place. Create classes and automatically send notifications to your team about compulsory classes and ongoing courses.

Detailed progress report

An intuitive dashboard offers a bird's eye view. Detailed reporting shows training hours and success scores, assessment results, trainer and student track records.

Online Delivery

E-learning makes studying available anytime and anywhere. Students can access the platform directly on their phones while commuting or whenever they have a few minutes of tranquility. Furthermore, there are multiple types of courses that we can provide: static content (PDF, PPT)  that can be viewed online or downloaded for further study, video trainings, interactive applications or live training sessions.,Live interactions and courses require the student's attention at a certain time. However, most e-learning content can be delivered in bits of information, encouraging microlearning, creating learning habits and building a knowledge base that can be accessed anytime.


Available anywhere, on your computer, phone or tablet.


Both as interface and available training delivery methods


Gamification for collaboration and friendly competition.

Time saving

Without any traveling time, content is available immediately.


Most content can be delivered whenever is convenient.


Interactive online trainings and live webinars available.
Knolyx - online Brain Concert course delivery

At your location

We are ready to deliver knowledge right at your front door. Whenever there are entire teams that need to be trained and there is enough room at your headquarters, we can send our trainers. Live training sessions are extremely valuable, especially for developing soft skills and teamwork, as e-learning can get a bit impersonal.

Organising classes at your location is perfect for longer training sessions, half day to a day, without the need to bring the students out of their work environment. We can also support multi-day training events at your headquarters.


Face to face interaction and exchange of knowledge


Live interactions build soft skills and can be easier to remember

Time saving

Get the knowledge you need without even leaving the office
Client's location Brain Concert course delivery

Our training center

Our stress-free classrooms are perfect for some old-fashioned learning. There are a few situations when we recommend using our facilities. Whether you only have a few students that can be combined with another class, or you prefer that students change their environment for a better learning experience, we can put our classrooms at your disposal.

Efficient and unique

Creating a special learning environment can boost efficiency


Efficient learning for any number of students

Space saving

Especially if there is a bit crowded at your headquarters
Brain Concert training centre

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