No matter the cultural background, beliefs or political views, we can all agree to one thing: learning technology is constantly evolving. Given the fact, we are committed to be the ones that push things forward. How?

Online or On-site delivery

We created a personalized delivery strategy by combining e-learning with on-site delivery (at your location or our training center).

Formal or informal communication

The learning process is no longer linear, teacher giving information to students. Now you have gamification tools to encourage collaboration and friendly competition, and to easily exchange information.

Easy training management

Evolution is also about efficiency and comfort. Create classes and automatically send notifications to your team, all from one place.

Detailed progress report

Our intuitive dashboard will give you an in-depth overview. Detailed reports show training hours, success scores, assessment results, trainers and student track records.

Online Delivery

The internet! The greatest invention of our times. We can literally do anything here, watch movies, memes, buy stuff or just hate on someone we don’t even know in the YouTube comments. Those are really cool stuff, but we can give you something way cooler ,e-learning. This thing makes studying available anytime and anywhere. Students can access the platform directly on their phones. We can also provide multiple types of courses: static content (PDF, PPT), video trainings, interactive applications or live training sessions. Live interactions and courses require the students’ attention at a certain time.


Available anywhere and anytime, on your phone, computer or tablet.


Both as interface and available training delivery methods.


Engaging platform with gamification for collaboration and friendly competition

Time saving

The content is available immediately and will save you and your students a lot of time.


Most content can be delivered whenever is convenient.


Interactive online trainings and live webinars available.

Learning at your place

*Ding - dong!*

- Who’s there?
- Brain Concert delivering knowledge right at your front door!
That’s right, is that simple! Whenever you have to train whole teams and you have enough room at your headquarters, we can send you a trainer. With online courses so accessible, we tend to forget the value of live training sessions. They help trainees to develop soft skills and teamwork, as e-learning can get a bit impersonal.    


Face to face interaction that facilitates the exchange of information.


Live interactions build soft skills.

Time saving

Save a lot of time and get the knowledge you need without stepping out of the office.

Learning at our place

We love having guests in our stress-free classrooms, especially designed to bring a relaxed and warm ambient that facilitates the learning process. Here are a few situations when we recommend using our facilities: 

- If you have only a few students that can be combined with another class. 
- If you want to change your students’ environment for a better learning experience.

Efficient and unique

A special learning environment can boost learning efficiency.


No matter the number of students, at our facilities we deliver efficient learning.

Space saving

Save space, especially if your headquarters are a bit crowded.

We got you all hyped about our platform? Keep that energy up by browsing through our courses or get in touch with us right now!