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Knolyx - Brain Concert business partner

We are aware that face-to-face sessions are not always preferred, therefore, through our partnership with Knolyx, we are able to provide online learning sessions (either online or offline) at an optimized cost.

Take the course

when and where you want it

The possibility of downloading

courses and materials

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and job opportunities


and accreditations

The option of choosing

any course or material

Live sessions

with your instructor and colleagues

Offline sessions

you can take a course at your own place

Online invitations

and notifications
Knolyx - online Brain Concert course delivery

Offline features

Apart from the online module, Knolyx includes an offline section. This option was specifically conceived for the platform users with the purpose of improving the offline experience by providing online features in a traditional way. More exactly, some platform users may want to experience from time to time the traditional way of attending courses, therefore we will provide the instruments for the trainer at the physical location.

  • Partner's benefits

  • Client's benefits

  • Trainer's benefits

    • The possibility of adding description, requirements, curriculum, downloadable resources available to students, quizzes, assessments and feedback templates
    • The option of 'adding classes' in an offline course with the purpose of matching with the groups of students that are attending the training
    • In class advantages:
      • sending assessments to students and reviewing the results
      • the ability to manage the trainers and the list of students
      • the possibility of receiving feedback from both, trainers or students
    • Other functionalities:
      • sending invitations to course templates
      • managing the feedback for class templates
      • managing the course diploma templates


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