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Agile HR open course: book your place now

Adrian Sita
28 Sep, 2019
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Agile HR - how companies are changing...

You've probably heard a lot about the Agile methodology and its benefits and we are not surprised at all. It's a great approach to change behaviours on a long-term, to drive programs that create adaptability, innovation, collaboration and speed. Basically, it implies a change from a traditional to an Agile organisation. And who plays a critical role here? The HR professionals. So, we have a training specifically designed for you, to make your job easier and to teach you how to redefine and instil an Agile culture, focused on a continuous learning culture and of a new perspective of performance.

agile hr

Take a look at some of the training objectives:

  • Gain practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Agile HR to your own work;
  • Co-create a great and enlightening employee experience using Agile HR techniques and design thinking
  • Boost your own productivity and effectiveness with Agile HR.

What's in it for you after this training? You'll deep dive into Agile frameworks and concepts like Scrum, Kanban, and incremental development, you'll strengthen your human-centric approach through techniques such as design thinking, experience mapping, user stories and you'll explore the implications of the Agile methodology for the future of work.

When? 7-8 November. Where? In Bucharest. Who? HR professionals.

Contact us, book your place and be the one who changes behaviours and drives improvement in your organisation.





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